What is the correct spelling for NULLE?

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Correct spellings for NULLE

  • bull Had anotha Red Bull Everybody's burnin', baby Let me come and get a pull Isn't it incredible – Painkiller by freestylers
  • cull He then began to debate about how he should write his letter, to cull sentences and to weigh phrases; whether "light of my eyes" was not too trite, and "blood of my liver" rather too forcible.
  • dull And when false flowers of rhetoric thou would'st cull, Trust Nature, do not labour to be dull; – Mac Flecknoe by John Dryden
  • full And although the moon isn't full He still feels the pull. – The Old Homestead by Neil Young
  • fuller "There and then," cried Fuller; "there-and-then.
  • gull As he spoke he picked out another and another half pilchard, and threw them as far as he could, when, almost as each piece touched the water, a soft-looking grey gull swept down and caught it from the surface with its strong beak, uttering a low peevish-sounding wail as it swept up again, hardly seeming to move its long white-lined wings.
  • hull Of course she hadn't got it at the office-nor at her home either-it was there at Hull, fitted into the cover of Lydenberg's old watch.
  • knell The outcry of indignation which the Massacre of St. Bartholomew called forth from combined Europe fell like the knell of death on the ear of the depraved and cowardly Charles.
  • knoll At last the top of the knoll was reached.
  • lull In a few seconds it ceases for a momentary lull, and then suddenly breaks forth again, louder than before.
  • mule He drew up the mule and faced her.
  • mull Whar's your head, Mull?
  • muller "No: nobody," Muller answered.
  • nail "The two to nail him must be on foot," said he.
  • nil Clearly the fear of pecuniary loss through actions brought to judgment in the civil courts is practically nil.
  • nile To the north of the Karroo and of the mountains which bound it, a similar district, equally arid, dreary, and barren, stretches away to the banks of the Orange River, which here in its lower course has less water than in its upper course, because, like the Nile, it receives no affluents and is wasted by the terrible sun.
  • noble I never knew one worth having, except my own noble wife!
  • noel Her companion assented by a nod, and they took the seats next to Noel.
  • nubile
  • nuke
  • null
  • nuzzle
  • pule
  • pull
  • puller
  • pulley
  • rule
  • tulle
  • yule
  • Duller I should imagine that in extenso it was a good deal duller than Parismus.
  • Huller 1834-John Chester Lyman is granted a patent in England on a coffee huller employing circular wooden disks with wire teeth.
  • Knurl For use by hand the knurling or milling tool is fitted to a holder and handle, as in Fig. 1278, and the hand tool rest is placed some little distance from the work so that the knurl can pass over it, and below the centre of the work.
  • Neal "It's like a kind of fate, Neal, one of the things which happen to people, and alter all their lives, and they can't do anything to help themselves.
  • Nuclei
  • Tull
  • Nelly Lovibond let him rattle on, and he talked of Nelly for an hour.
  • Neil Captain Neil he found observing the drill from a distance.
  • Noelle
  • Nola
  • Nell With a sigh Nell moved across the room and flung the window open.
  • Nellie "I told Nellie no falsehood," thought she.
  • MLLE "No, madame, I don't care about going out," answered Mlle.
  • nulls
  • candy-coated