What is the correct spelling for OASSES?

If you accidentally type "oasses" instead of "passes", here are some correct suggestions. You might have meant "passes" if referring to multiple tickets or permissions. Alternatively, "oases" refers to desert refuges, while "asses" means donkeys. Double-check the context to identify the appropriate replacement for "oasses".

Correct spellings for OASSES

  • amasses The wealthy businessman amasses a large amount of money through his successful investments.
  • APSES The church was built in the shape of a cross, with two apses at the ends of the transepts.
  • assess We need to assess the damage before we can begin repairs.
  • assets The company's assets have increased significantly since expanding into international markets.
  • Basses The basses in the orchestra provide a rich and deep foundation to the music.
  • Bosses We need to get the bosses on board with the new plan.
  • eases The warm water eases my sore muscles after a long run.
  • gasses Carbon dioxide and other gasses in the atmosphere contribute to climate change.
  • lasses The little lasses danced around in their pretty dresses.
  • losses The company experienced significant losses due to the global economic downturn.
  • masses The politician tried to appeal to the masses by promising lower taxes and more jobs.
  • Mosses The mosses thrive in the damp environment.
  • Oases The Bedouins discovered several hidden oases in the desert.
  • oasis The desert travelers rejoiced when they stumbled upon an oasis, a welcome respite from the blistering heat.
  • OSES The nonprofit OSES helps immigrants find jobs.
  • passes
  • posses
  • sasses She always sasses her older brother when he tells her what to do.
  • tosses The ball tosses high in the air.