What is the correct spelling for OBEYD?

For the misspelling "obeyd", here are some possible correct suggestions: "obeyed", "obey" or "obeying". These alternative spellings correctly reflect the present tense of the verb "to obey". To ensure accurate communication, it is essential to use the correct spelling in written English.

Correct spellings for OBEYD

  • abed I often read in bed and fall abed with a book in my hand.
  • bead She threaded the last bead onto the necklace, and smiled at her creation.
  • bed I really need to change my sheets on my bed.
  • Boyd Boyd is a city in Kentucky.
  • lobed The leaves of the plant were lobed, providing a distinctive, unique texture to the foliage.
  • Obed Obed picked up his guitar and started playing a beautiful melody.
  • obey It is necessary for citizens to obey the laws of their country.
  • Obeyed The students obeyed the teacher's instructions and put their desks in a circle for the class discussion.
  • obeys She obeys his every command.
  • OPED I read an oped in the newspaper this morning that was very thought-provoking.
  • owed He owed his success to hard work and perseverance.
  • robed She wore a beautiful silk robed embroidered with gold thread.