What is the correct spelling for OBIDING?

If you are looking for the correct spelling of "obiding", then the word you might be searching for is "abiding". Both words sound similar but have different meanings. "Abiding" means enduring or continuing, while "obiding" does not exist. Ensure you use the correct term to convey your intended message accurately.

Correct spellings for OBIDING

  • abiding John's abiding love for his wife was evident in everything he did.
  • Aiding The Red Cross is aiding the people affected by the natural disaster.
  • bidding The bidding for the auction item rose higher and higher as enthusiastic bidders competed for the winning bid.
  • Biding She was biding her time until she could make her big move.
  • Birding I love birding in my free time.
  • biting The child stopped biting his nails when his mom applied a bitter-tasting nail polish to them.
  • boding The dark clouds and sudden chill in the air were ominous boding for an approaching storm.
  • orbiting I'm orbiting the Earth right now!