What is the correct spelling for OCQUARD?

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Correct spellings for OCQUARD

  • accord Or they had given warning, and gone of their own accord .
  • acquire He gave them that which would enable them to acquire freedom of soul, and without which such freedom would have been useless.
  • acquired And Dale thought again what he had thought just now in the porch-that one ought to be precious careful in dealing with a man of such natural and acquired powers.
  • acquit It therefore became a question among the Missionaries, whether it was not lawful for a person in such circumstances to marry a second wife, while the first was still living, after he had in vain employed all possible means to induce her to return to him and not being able to recover her, had taken some public and solemn measures to acquit himself of the blame.
  • actuary And he had experience of the like brood beasts and of springers, greasy hoggets and wether wool, having been some years before actuary for Mr Joseph Cuffe, a worthy salesmaster that drove his trade for live stock and meadow auctions hard by Mr Gavin Low's yard in Prussia street.
  • aqua These peasants, mechanics, and common laborers, though they drink tumbler after tumbler of nearly boiling hot tea, are only too apt to wind up their idle occupation by getting disgracefully tipsy on that fiery liquor corn-brandy, as colorless as water, but as pungent as aqua -fortis.
  • cad I was a cad to swear but somehow-oh, I don't know, and he sank down upon the chair again.
  • card Yes, better send your card up, my dear; that's right!"
  • cart I don't know why David took his cart that time, for there wasn't any mortar man, and there wasn't any sand-pile.
  • cord This is merely a cord with a running noose at one end and a piece of wood at the other, to offer a better hold for the hand.
  • cottar Under this tribal community is the embryo of the village community, consisting of smaller tenantry and cottar serfs, who live together in minute villages, holding their land in common and yearly distributing the holdings by lot.
  • court Once during court week, our only hotel burned.
  • cud Did ye iver think ye cud git used t' aanything if ye wor forced t' haave nothin' else fur a while?
  • curd "Prices this year have ranged from ten dollars early in the season down to one dollar and twenty-five cents a barrel during the glut, when large quantities were sold to picklers at one cent per pound for clean trimmed clear curd or flower.
  • curt Henry Blaine motioned to his operatives, with a curt wave of his hand, to follow Mac Alarney, and turning, he went out of the door and down the steps to his car, with the Doctor at his heels.
  • ecuador His father was ambassador to the United States from Ecuador .
  • equate How superstitious he was to equate the wind with a specter and yet he did it nonetheless.
  • equator Now, till we were to the north of the equator we sighted nothing; no, in all those days not a single sail ever hove into view to break the melancholy continuity of the sea-line.
  • gourd Let us again go down to the spring house and get a bucket of water to set under the gourd on the kitchen table.
  • guard "I fear that the guard ships keep too sharp a look-out to allow us to do that," observed Martin; "still, I see no better way of making our escape."
  • jacquard We next turn to a career of a very different kind, that of the illustrious but unfortunate Jacquard , whose life also illustrates in a remarkable manner the influence which ingenious men, even of the humblest rank, may exercise upon the industry of a nation.
  • occur Where does it never occur ?
  • oct 16,725. Are not the sales made in September or Oct ober?
  • ocular Examination of board of health records of children needing medical, dental, or ocular care, and better nourishment.
  • orchard The top branches of the trees in the little orchard touched his window and tapped ever and again; a fire burnt brightly, he had drawn his curtains and beyond the windows the great sheet of stars, the black houses, the white light of the moon.
  • quad Yes, it certainly was Titia herself, stealing through two sides of the quad -rectangle and under the archway that led to Walnut-tree Court.
  • quart A carter comes along perhaps with a loaded waggon from some distance, and as he stays to drink his quart talks of the changes that are proceeding or imminent in his locality.
  • quarto I remember, I remember, Long years ere Rowland Hill, When letters covered quarto sheets Writ with a grey goose quill; Both hard to fold and hard to read, Crossed to the scarlet seal; Hardest of all to pay for, ere Their news they might reveal.
  • quid I've got a quid in my pocket and that's all there is to it.
  • squad The commandant told us that he had heard of the Pawnee difficulty, and had sent an officer and a squad of soldiers to enquire into the affair.
  • Kurd After we had employed a Kurd to make these for them, they declared they were afraid to proceed without the company of ten Kurd s armed to the teeth.
  • Oared One, or even two men, out of a four-oared crew may be what would be considered bad watermen, i.
  • Occurred 9636. How long is it since that occurred?
  • occurs It occurs mostly in hot weather.
  • CUED

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