What is the correct spelling for ODSU?

If you've accidentally misspelled "odsu", fret not! There are a few possible correct suggestions. It could be a typo for "odus" (meaning a mass exodus), "oddly" (meaning strangely) or "ODs" (abbr. for overdoses). However, the intended word may depend on the context, so extra attention is advised while proofreading.

Correct spellings for ODSU

  • DSU
  • ODs The hospital reported an increase in ODs during the holiday season due to excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs.
  • ODS ODS is a file format commonly used in Microsoft Excel.
  • OSU OSU is known for its outstanding academic and athletic programs.
  • SDSU SDSU is a popular destination for students seeking a quality education in California.
  • WDSU WDSU is a television station of NBC affiliated which serves the New Orleans, Louisiana television market.