What is the correct spelling for OFICE?

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Correct spellings for OFICE

  • ace At last he was dealt nine, ten, knave, queen, ace, in different suite.
  • adverses
  • advise against
  • advised against
  • afire I ran in again, to go upstairs, but the staircase was now all afire.
  • Alice I was so near him that he could not get away, and we stood there until Alice appeared at the other end of the hall.
  • am maddened
  • am reprehensible
  • am rivals
  • casting one's hook
  • casting one's net
  • edifice What ideas would be suggested by this edifice to the worshipper will better be examined when we have examined also the external court.
  • efface Essentially, that you had so sound a reason for keeping your invention a secret that to do it you were willing to ruin yourself financially, and to efface yourself as a human being and as a scientist.
  • Effie Aunt Effie tried to stay, too, but couldn't.
  • face Skag's face said as much.
  • farce "A farce, a farce," he thought to himself.
  • fierce There was a fierce fight.
  • force 16,584. I am not saying there is force, but does the agent expect that?
  • fosse He could not reach it with his hands- though springing several feet upward from the bottom of the fosse.
  • I've "I've had nothing to do with such people.
  • ice What was the year in which you fell in with the ice?
  • ices The dining-room, though large, would not permit all the couples to enter at once, so ices and cakes were borne from the table by cavaliers to expectant ladies in the antechamber, on the stairs, and in the farther rooms.
  • icy Then he placed his palm upon her forehead which was dry and icy.
  • ives I must speak-I never yet met a youth whom I thought so deserving of Anna St. Ives as Frank Henley!
  • novice To do so would prove him but a novice; wouldn't it, Willy?"
  • oafs As I gave Raffles a headlong lead to the baize door, I glanced down the great well of stairs, and up came the daft yells of these sporting oafs: "Gone away-gone away!"
  • Of It does me good to think of you.
  • off 8470. Have they not been any better off in that way?
  • offence Be courteous and polite, slow to take offence,- especially when no offence is intended, as is the case in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred where quarrels occur.
  • offer Let us offer the child a present.
  • offers 7348. Have there been offers made to you by fishermen who are in these circumstances, and who are in your debt, to settle their accounts by engaging to fish for you during the fishing season?
  • office 14,249. But as they were settled with, did you not send them down to the office?
  • officer If I am not mistaken, the officer went round among them with it.
  • officers She got on very well speaking Italian with the officers, for she knew as much of it as they did."
  • offices So far as I know, post offices are always crowded down here.
  • OFFS She felt suddenly tired of cast-offs, of compromise, of all the other shabby adjustments of genteel poverty.
  • offside The light of the offside lamps showed me two big, brown eyes, a dear, puzzled face, half wondering, half wanting to laugh, and a row of white teeth catching a red upper lip that trembled in a smile.
  • OISE As we neared Paris there was another stop before the train went over the temporary bridge that had been erected over the Oise.
  • once I once asked 1s.
  • orifice If the folds on the upper wall of the orifice run toward the right, the womb is twisted to the right; if, on the contrary, they turn toward the left, it indicates that the womb is turned over in that direction.
  • osier Here also grew the red osier, its large fruit now whitish.
  • ounce I was guessing 4 cuts to the ounce; but perhaps I may be below the mark.
  • outface It would have taken a man of supernerve to outface that situation.
  • Ozzie Ozzie, I'm surprised at you!