What is the correct spelling for OGGAR?

If you accidentally mistyped "oggar", fear not! There are various possible correct suggestions that your device might offer. It could be "ogre", the fictional creature or "eggar", a type of African tree. Alternatively, it could be "ogar", a misspelling of "ogre". Your device's suggestion will depend on the context and the words in its database.

Correct spellings for OGGAR

  • agar The microbiology lab uses agar to cultivate and grow different types of microorganisms.
  • beggar The beggar asked for some spare change to buy food.
  • cigar He retired to his study to smoke a cigar and contemplate his next move.
  • cougar The cougar was seen prowling through the forest.
  • edgar Edgar Allan Poe is considered one of the most influential writers of the 19th century.
  • elgar Elgar is known for his Enigma Variations.
  • gar The man wearing a bright green gar looked out of place in the grey city.
  • gear She shifted the gear to reverse, and the car began to back up.
  • Hagar Hagar was an ugly old woman.
  • jogger The jogger waved as he ran past the group of people in the park.
  • logger The logger is trying to get to the bottom of the mystery.
  • oar The rower used his oar to propel the canoe through the water.
  • ogler The ogler at the park made Emma feel uncomfortable.
  • Olga Olga is an accomplished pianist who delights audiences with her extraordinary performances.
  • Omar Omar is a character in the television series The Wire.
  • organ I had an organ transplant four months ago.
  • oscar I've been nominated for an Oscar.
  • sugar I like to put sugar in my coffee to sweeten it up.

18 words made from the letters OGGAR