What is the correct spelling for OGMENT?

If you’ve unknowingly typed "ogment" instead of "augment", don't worry! Spelling errors happen to the best of us. The correct term you're looking for is "augment". This word means to enhance, increase or improve something. So, remember to double-check your spelling to ensure accuracy when using the word "augment".

Correct spellings for OGMENT

  • agent The FBI agent was skilled at interrogating suspects.
  • augment The company plans to augment their production capacity with the installation of new machines.
  • cement The cement mixer was used to mix the concrete for the foundation.
  • cogent The cogent argument presented by the defense attorney convinced the jury of his client's innocence.
  • comment I left a comment on the article, but no one replied.
  • figment The idea that aliens are living amongst us may just be a figment of our imagination.
  • foment The president has been accused of trying to foment political unrest in the country.
  • gent He was quite the gent, holding open the door for the elderly woman.
  • Ghent I visited the beautiful medieval city of Ghent in Belgium during my European vacation.
  • lament As I looked at the wreckage, I couldn't help but feel a deep sense of lament.
  • lodgment The hotel staff were quick to provide the guests with a comfortable lodgment for the night.
  • moment He paused for a moment to collect his thoughts before delivering the speech.
  • oddment The thrift store had a bin of oddments, including mismatched socks and broken picture frames.
  • Ogden Ogden is a city in northern Utah known for its beautiful landscapes and nearby ski resorts.
  • omen The black cat crossing your path is often considered to be a bad omen.
  • omens The sight of black cats was often seen as omens of bad luck in medieval times.
  • orient The map helped me to orient myself to the new surroundings.
  • Orient I am going to attend a workshop about how to orient myself in a new city.
  • pigment The color of the paint is determined by the pigment used.
  • segment The market research report divides the target audience into different segments based on their demographics and purchasing behavior.
  • torment The screaming sound of the alarm clock can torment me early in the morning.