What is the correct spelling for OGOING?

The correct spelling of "ogoing" is "ongoing". This common misspelling can easily be rectified by replacing the incorrect letter "o" with the appropriate letter "n". It is important to ensure accurate spellings to maintain clarity in written communication.

Correct spellings for OGOING

  • aging
  • Bogging I couldn't finish my hike because the terrain was too bogging.
  • cooing The sound of cooing doves outside my bedroom window woke me up early in the morning.
  • dogging I heard that they got caught dogging in the park last weekend.
  • Egging The chicken was so crispy and it had the perfect amount of egging on it.
  • Fogging The windshield of my car was fogging up, making it difficult to see the road ahead.
  • forgoing Forgoing dessert is a healthier option than indulging in too much sugar.
  • going I am going to the grocery store to pick up some food for dinner.
  • Hogging Jill was constantly hogging the remote control.
  • jogging I like to go jogging in the park in the mornings.
  • logging I'm logging off.
  • Ogling The man was ogling at the woman's cleavage, which made her extremely uncomfortable.
  • ongoing This is an ongoing battle.
  • oozing The wound on his leg was oozing blood, and he needed medical attention immediately.
  • outgoing He was an outgoing person.
  • owing The company was forced to declare bankruptcy owing to their huge debts.

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