What is the correct spelling for OILVES?

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Correct spellings for OILVES

  • alive Alive applies to all degrees of life, from that which shows one to be barely existing or existent as a living thing, as when we say he is just alive , to that which implies the very utmost of vitality and power, as in the words "he is all alive ," "thoroughly alive ." So the word quick, which began by signifying "having life," is now mostly applied to energy of life as shown in swiftness of action. Breathing is capable of like contrast. We say of a dying man, he is still breathing; or we speak of a breathing statue, or "breathing and sounding, beauteous battle," Tennyson Princess can. v, l. 155, where it means having, or seeming to have, full and vigorous breath, abundant life. Compare ACTIVE; ALERT; NIMBLE.
  • elves To such appearances as these must legends of elves and fairies owe their origin.
  • ives St. Ives , Newquay, Padstow, and Bude, leaving aside for the moment the smaller ones, or those like Boscastle and Tintagel, which stand in a class by themselves and have been already referred to.
  • olive The variety of trees is of course the result of altitude as well as of latitude, since there are mountain regions in southern Europe, as well as in America, where one may pass in a few hours from the region of the olive to that of the stunted pine or fir.
  • oliver As he was cutting across lots after the game, hurrying to catch a St. Paul-street car ahead of the crowd, he ran into Tom Oliver , and from the moment of the encounter realized that it was all off for a visit to Mount Holly that night.
  • olivier Madame Olivier , not knowing exactly where Medinet was situated, became alarmed as to whether it was not too near the Mahdists, and finally began to question Mr. Rawlinson about it.
  • Calves Lay it in a deep pan with some slices of bacon, a calves-foot, a few onions, a carrot cut in pieces, a bunch of sweet herbs cut small, one or two laurel leaves, some cloves, and a beaten nutmeg.
  • Halves It's not safe to quote things by halves.
  • Ivies The mouldering walls, as if ashamed of their humble state, hide themselves under the ivies; the generous ivies, as if conscious of the precious relics, cover them from the injuries of time.
  • Lives We have found our lives poisoned by it.
  • Selves The love, which with many is an inspiration, was with them their own selves, from which they could not be separated; a harsh word could not therefore escape from them.
  • Wolves Here are no deadly wolves as in my own country-but is much else to make dangerous the way.
  • Elvis Everything he had ever read about flying blondes had appeared either in comic books or the same tabloids that reported things like Elvis and Jesus sightings, and not one of those rags had ever printed a picture of a flying blonde that hadn't been fairly obviously altered.
  • Oles Whatever was fiercest and wildest in nature and boldest in art was there, and now the house went mad with its hand-clappings and table-hammerings and deep-throated "Oles!"
  • Loves I feel like going around and shouting to all the world, "She loves me, she loves me, she loves me!"
  • Oils Father could help her, of course, only father was a painter in oils and not an illustrator-and then-he was so driven, always, and father and mother both thought it would be best for her to take the course of study recommended by the great man.
  • Salves I have the end of the matter, and for more speed Thou shalt wade no farther; for of this deed I am as glad, as ever was the surgeon For salves for broke heads to make provision.
  • olives There was a bottle of olives on the table, and when Davy took one of them, Armsby explained that he had imported them himself at enormous expense, although they had been really bought at one of the stores as a job lot, the proprietor having had them on hand a number of years.
  • delves The poet of mysticism, then, delves into the mystic sources of our deeds, and makes us stand reverent with him before the unknowable forces by which we are controlled.
  • valves Presently the four long lines of troughing were hidden from sight by drinking cattle, and the sucking of their lips, the gushing of water through the valves , and the grumbling of the tired animals all blended together, and seemed to be part of the dust which rose from the trampling feet and settled on everything till men and stock were alike brown.
  • livers These tumors are frequently observed by meat inspectors in livers of slaughtered cattle.
  • solves It is in this fashion that Professor Haeckel habitually solves the Riddles of the Universe.
  • outlives More than a month had passed since they first met; and though they had not since personally encountered each other, they had, every day and hour, in spirit; for their love was of that pure essence which neither time nor space can divide, which, born in heaven, outlives decay, and against which neither the powers of the earth, nor the spirits of darkness, can prevail; that heavenly spark which, in an instant kindled, burns brightly for eternity!
  • IVS
  • OVERS We call those classes that arise through interchange between the chromosomes "cross-over classes" or merely "cross-overs."
  • ovules Ovary free, many ovules .
  • laves No, Jamie, he laves that t' the craithers who give 'im a livin'.
  • silvers It was a place of gentleness, of fair afternoon light, of bland colours-silvers, and blues, and the pale gold that reeds take on in October.
  • evolves The ripe soul evolves the Infinite from a fixed point.
  • birdseye Elected as a Whig to the 27th United States Congress, Birdseye held the office of U.
  • birrs
  • cross-questions
  • dis-appears
  • insideout
  • censustaking

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