What is the correct spelling for OIONS?

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Correct spellings for OIONS

  • ans
  • ion
  • irons I make love to mountain lions, Sleep on red-hot branding irons. – I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care) by motorhead
  • loins A girdle of skins surrounded his loins , and a mantle of hair covered his shoulders; ravens were said to have brought bread and flesh to the hungry prophet in the desert.
  • minos Of these the Carians came to the mainland from the islands; for being of old time subjects of Minos and being called Leleges, they used to dwell in the islands, paying no tribute, so far back as I am able to arrive by hearsay, but whenever Minos required it, they used to supply his ships with seamen: and as Minos subdued much land and was fortunate in his fighting, the Carian nation was of all nations by much the most famous at that time together with him.
  • onion Oh no, he ain't the one, son. The shank in my sock will chop you like an onion. – The Big East by masta ace
  • onus "The onus probandi would lie with them," said Mr. Prendergast.
  • ozone Where sun rays hook off layers of ozone Chips inserted in the brain, the new cell phone – The Future by diddy
  • Ens Whosoever says: here is a body and there is a soul-two things, one outside of the other-such a man does not consider that these two things are two terms distinguished and differentiated by thought in the bosom of thought, that is to say, of the soul: of that soul which is truer than the other for the obvious reason that the latter thinks and therefore reveals its soul-nature by its own acts, whereas the former is the object of thinking, is a thing thought, and may therefore be a fallacious entity, an idolon, and a simple ens rationis, like so many other things that are thought and are subsequently found to have no kind of subsistence.
  • Ones With my left-over cop money, pay cash all ones Talk to me, i feed the dopefiends crumbs – Trump Change by e-40
  • INS
  • Enos "Yes," replied Garnet, "but they're no kin to Enos ."
  • Ines
  • Anions
  • Coins You could find me in the smokers corner, flippin some coins Or find me in the cafeteria gettin double sirloins – Remember The Days by Roll Deep
  • Lions Thats like takin a steak out of a lions mouth Betta yet that like takin a plate outta Ryans mouth – Bring 'Em Back by terror squad
  • Moons Come not home in twice six moons, He, obedient to their dooms, – Pericles, Prince of Tyre: Act II, scene V by Unknown Author
  • Onions
  • joins
  • owns He owns much land.
  • boons We must remember that when the Nubians made a treaty with Diocletian they stipulated that the goddess Isis should be allowed to leave her temple once a year, and to make a progress through the country so that men and women might ask her for boons , and receive them.
  • eons Remember that this plant has preserved its individuality all through the ages; perhaps it is one which can be traced backward through eons of time in the very rocks themselves, never having varied to any great extent in all these vast periods.
  • loons Beyond, as if floating on the calm water, numerous rocky islets formed the playground of innumerable gulls, skarts, seals, loons , and other inhabitants of the wild north; but only to the sense of vision were their varied activities perceptible.
  • icons
  • unions
  • inns
  • IONS
  • OOHS
  • Zions
  • winos
  • actify
  • afterwhile
  • bellyflops
  • bonks
  • bootleggings
  • dis-ordered
  • dis-rated
  • disburdenings

11 words made from the letters OIONS

  • 3 letter words made from OIONS:

    ion, iso, ono, sin, son.
  • 4 letter words made from OIONS:

    noio, onos, oons, sion, soon.
  • 5 letter words made from OIONS: