What is the correct spelling for OITHERS?

If you've mistakenly typed "oithers" instead of "others", worry not! Here are some suggestions to ensure correct spelling. Remember, it's "others", not "oithers". Double-check your spelling, proofread your work or use grammar-checking software to avoid this common error.

Correct spellings for OITHERS

  • anthers The flowers have colorful anthers.
  • bathers The beach was crowded with dozens of bathers enjoying the hot sun and cool water.
  • bothers The loud noise bothers me when I'm trying to concentrate.
  • either I can either eat this or give it to charity.
  • Fathers I love spending time with my fathers during holiday vacations.
  • gathers She gathers information from various sources before making a decision.
  • lathers She lathers the soap on her hands before washing them thoroughly.
  • loathers After the funeral, the loathers gathered in the living room totell stories about the deceased.
  • Mothers Mothers are often victims of societal pressures to have it all together.
  • northers In the winter, Northers bring cold temperatures and lots of snow.
  • other I need to buy some other groceries at the store.
  • others I always put the needs of others before my own.
  • Otters Otters are playful animals that love to swim and hunt for fish in the water.
  • tethers He tethers his dog to the tree while he goes inside the store.
  • tithers ITickets for the show are $10 each, but with a tithers I can get four for just $25.
  • tithes It is the Lord's duty to be paid daily with tithes of all that we produce.
  • withers
  • withes The witches cast their spells withes and incantations.
  • zithers The zithers charmed the crowd as they played their melodic music.