What is the correct spelling for OITIS?

If you meant to type "oitis" but it turned out misspelled, there are a few possible corrected suggestions. Perhaps you intended to write "itis", which is a suffix indicating inflammation. Alternatively, you might have meant "otis", referring to an ear infection. Double-check your writing to ensure accuracy.

Correct spellings for OITIS

  • it's It's important to always wear sunscreen when going outside.
  • Its Its fur was long and soft to the touch.
  • oates She read an old book entitled "Oates" that she had found in a Goodwill.
  • Oats I love eating oats for breakfast.
  • obits The newspaper company assigned me to write the obits section for tomorrow's issue.
  • Odis
  • omits The report omits any mention of the company's financial troubles.
  • OPTS
  • Ortiz She is the lead singer of the band Ortiz.
  • otis My otis is stuck.
  • OUTS The team had trouble hitting against the pitcher, resulting in many outs.