What is the correct spelling for ON0845?

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Correct spellings for ON0845

  • an It was an all-day matter.
  • ana We had some trouble with an ana -branch, resembling the main channel, which we had twice to cross at a distance of two miles.
  • any All of them, or any of them.
  • awn Ye'll have no ind iv trailin' an' shadowin' an' other detective wurrk to do awn th' case, no doubt.
  • don Dis time de Don -hoss he win by a gnat's heel.
  • e'en And e'en sae loud as I hear ye lie!
  • en For this assured, in addition to the caches left en route, a sure food supply for the return from our mission to the North.
  • ene Well, because I was too kind I must die; and, after all is said, it is well to die, who go hence awaited by thousands upon thousands that I have sent before me, and who shall be greeted presently by your son, Indhlovu-ene-Sihlonti, and his warriors, greeted as the Inkosazana of Death, with red, lifted spears and with the royal salute!
  • eon About the same time a London banker had deposited the sum of twenty thousand guineas at the Bank of England, being ready to wager that sum that Eon was a woman.
  • in Wasn't it nice in him?
  • inn "No, not to the inn , Loony," said she, to a question from him.
  • ion And Aunt Marion is in this year's class.
  • mon Yer a foine figure of a mon , me Frind, and I'd like mighty well to serve be the side of ye ...
  • ob Yes, suh, I ride 'im, 'n' I ride 'im at de head ob de whole bunch!
  • oh Oh, think you so?
  • on "Go on ," I said.
  • one No one was there.
  • ono Next we have Luthen or Ruthen, which is possibly Lydda, Ono , Apuqen, Suka or Socho, and Yahem.
  • or Did she know, or did she not know, what he was about to say?
  • own You've no doubt, Katharine, in your own mind?
  • ron Couldn't I not haf drop the svag and ron away?
  • son You are a son of good family.
  • ton I changed all over, till even my squirrels and partridges and other friends quit me; once in awhile I got out a ton or two of rock and sold it, but I never worked the mine or opened it up-I couldn't bear to go inside the drift.
  • un So tremendous, indeed, was the tumult that he was able to open the door and stand, within the room, watching and un -noticed.
  • urn But that a splendid silver tea-service, and a large glittering urn were conspicuous, the spread might have been mistaken for a dinner, rather than the matutinal meal.
  • won To make things sure, Ethel went round to see Marjorie's mother about it and won her over to our side.
  • yon Indeed, the time is determined by the poetry, for "yon hard crescent" shows that the moon was up when he was writing.
  • Ann The case of Mary Ann Sinclair to which you referred was just a cash transaction.
  • N That's it-for his sister's sake-n-n-not for yours, always himself and his came first.
  • Non As with the non-living so also with the living.
  • O's Sae now they are on to Liddesdale, E'en as fast as they could them hie; The prisoner is brought to's ain fire side, And there o's airns they mak him free.
  • Oe Since such usage is inconsistent, even for the same name, and the number of instances are few, the "oe" ligatures have not been retained.
  • Om Rec-om-pense,-if it meant anything money-y, then they'd made a mistake, for of course you don't spell "pence" with an "s."
  • Ian No, Ian will not come here.
  • Jon Thei answereden and seiden, Jon Baptist-and he seide to hem, But whom seien ye that I am?"
  • Ina The Italian troops at Argyocastro are occupying territory which Greece looks on as distinctly within her sphere of influence, and they menace Janina itself.
  • Lon "The same old rascal, Lon Beardsley; but he's got backing I don't like.
  • ONT Speaking of him after death to Frederick of Prussia, he prefers him to Horace and Boileau, asserting that, by comparison with them, "Pope approfondit ce qu'ils ont effleura.
  • HON But the present work contains considerable material not contained in the essay presented to the Oxford examiners, the Right Hon .
  • KN "Yes, I kn-n-ow," stammered the boy.
  • abecedaries
  • airfoils

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