What is the correct spelling for ONAND?

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Correct spellings for ONAND

  • anoint This being done, they proceeded to anoint my body with the paste, the touch of which gave me a most blessed relief from my intolerable itching and burning, and moreover rendered my flesh distasteful to the insects, for after that they plagued me little.
  • ant And then this whole theory, this most vivid simile, is quite upset by the sights that I watch in the suburbs of this ant home!
  • eland But the prince was utterly exhausted; his sides were going like a blacksmith's bellows, or those of a fat eland bull that has been galloped to a standstill.
  • end 4391. What was the end of it?
  • enid "To travel the road he takes is pleasant enough to me," answered Enid.
  • inane He must have been sorely tried in the face of my inane maunderings.
  • inanity In the wayward inclinations, variable temper, and wretched inanity of this poor victim of indulgence, she beheld the sad fruits of a fashionable education; and thought with humility that, under similar circumstances, such might have been her own character.
  • infant The Infant Garden is intended for the help of children between three years old and seven.
  • inland At length they came to a canal gliding towards the sea; they followed it inland, and here the darkness was equal to the silence.
  • intend She had never yet been in any man's power and she did not intend to be.
  • ionian If we Siceliots, all together, or at least as many as possible besides ourselves, would only launch the whole of our actual navy with two months' provisions, and meet the Athenians at Tarentum and the Iapygian promontory, and show them that before fighting for Sicily they must first fight for their passage across the Ionian Sea, we should strike dismay into their army, and set them on thinking that we have a base for our defensive-for Tarentum is ready to receive us-while they have a wide sea to cross with all their armament, which could with difficulty keep its order through so long a voyage, and would be easy for us to attack as it came on slowly and in small detachments.
  • oneida He walked straight down Oneida Street and along the Main Street just as hard as he could go.
  • onion Season highly with salt, pepper, grated onion, and vinegar.
  • onward From that time onward, during a number of busy days, Ned became better and better satisfied with the fact that his father had sent him across the sea to learn all that he could of Mexico and the Mexicans.
  • organdy Or do you like these lace and organdy motifs?
  • orlando The play of the "Little French Lawyer" turns entirely upon this circumstance; and it may be remarked throughout the poems of Boiardo and Ariosto; particularly in the combat of three Christian and three Pagan champions, in the 42d canto of Orlando Furioso.
  • ornate It was also with a zeal, intensified by memories of the little deserted room in the provincial museum, where silence alone could lend rhythm to meditation, that I turned over again and again the leaves of those precious manuscripts, translating the opinions of him whose keen and ornate psychology we have so often enjoyed together.
  • owned "But father never owned the land.
  • unbend They liked their Dick, who had been a boy among them, and they thought it only fair that his wife should unbend a little, and not freeze them so with her lofty ways.
  • unbind Andrew Osiander, in the draft of his Church Order of 1531, in the article on "Catechism and the Instruction of Children," added as sixth to the five chief parts: "Of the Keys of the Church, or the Power to Bind and to Unbind from Sins," quoting as Bible-verse the passage: "The Lord Jesus breathed on His disciples," etc.
  • unearned "And colossal, unearned wealth to gain-don't forget that, Mr. Hamilton.
  • unhand Kindly unhand my donkey."
  • unkind Don't be unkind, Mr. Beaton!
  • unwind "What in thunder-" He began to unwind the ribbons of white cloth, the stringed remnants of the surplice.
  • And Beanjeddart, Hundlie, and Hunthill.
  • Anent "But jist ye speir at yer new maister," Grannie went on, "what he thinks aboot it, for I ance h'ard him speyk richt wise words to my gudeson, James Gracie, anent sic things.
  • Ind 44.4: a subjunctive in ind.
  • Onto He casually tossed the jacket onto the gray couch, then gazed around.
  • Owning I think the window for owning up is past.
  • Unhandy But, the sides and ends being sewed to the roof made it unhandy to use as a shelter, when shelter was needed on short notice.
  • Andy How are you, Andy?
  • ONT Wall, says I, you may as well make up your mind in the first ont, that I hain't goin' to give my consent to have you go into any thing dangerous.
  • ANON But anon her pride rose strong within her.

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