What is the correct spelling for ONESHOT?

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Correct spellings for ONESHOT

  • earshot The three men he had left did not speak for a moment, waiting for him to get out of earshot .
  • gunshot They are careful to swim during the day in the centre of the very widest part of the lake, far out of gunshot ; at night they land, or feed along the shore.
  • inset Three stone steps, inset , lead to the stage door.
  • offshoot We certainly did not come thence, for all our traditions say that the Iceni came by ship from a land lying due east from us, and that we were an offshoot of the Belgae, whose country lay to the northwest of Gaul.
  • onset He stepped away from the tree, awaiting the onset .
  • onshore It could all be a trap, intended to lure his men onshore .
  • outshout If he did not outshout his neighbour, if he were not implicitly obedient to Mr. Parnell, if he did not arouse the worst passions of the worst people in his constituency, he was promptly dismissed.
  • overshoot At the same time, the inertia of the air rushing out of the tube would cause it to overshoot the mark, and a short time after opening the valve the tube, so far from containing compressed air, would contain air slightly rarefied near its mouth, and this rarefication would travel back up the tube in the form of wave motion, and, being reflected as condensation at the closed end, travel down again; and so after being reflected once or twice at the open or closed end, become damped out very rapidly in virtue of both air friction and the radiation of the energy.
  • overshot The inhabitants burned charcoal, high up the mountains, and carved toys in the winter when shut in by the heavy snows; they had Easter eggs all the year round, with overshot mill-wheels in the valleys, and cherry-trees all about, always full of blossoms or ripe fruit, just as you liked to think.
  • undershoot
  • undershot Little we thought he should ever own it, or that John would be pointing it out to his own boys, lecturing them on "undershot," and "overshot," as he used to lecture me.
  • unshod Once he was sure he heard a sound like the unshod hoof of an animal on bare stone.
  • upshot Of course, the upshot was that I told her all about myself, pouring out the pent-up loneliness accumulated since my arrival.
  • Unset It is much more easy to chuck work on a boring mill table than on a lathe, because on the former the work is more readily placed upon the table, and rests upon the table, so that in wedging up or setting any part of the circumference of the work to the work table, there is no liability to move the work beneath the other holding plates; whereas in a lathe the work standing vertical is apt when moving or setting one part to become unset at other points, and furthermore requires to be held and steadied while first being gripped by the chucking dogs, plates, or other holding devices.
  • Ernesto The woman immediately recognized me, and asked after Don Ernesto .
  • chat-room

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