What is the correct spelling for OPIES?

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Correct spellings for OPIES

  • apse The simple vaulting of the choir and apse is excellently done, and on the roof above the choir you see the frescoes that are the chief treasure of the place, representing scenes from the Annunciation, the Wise Men, the Flight into Egypt, and other Biblical subjects.
  • mopes She isn't the same that she was at all; but mopes about more than half of her time.
  • opine
  • oppose You mean that you would oppose them, sir?
  • ops
  • opus
  • pipes
  • poise
  • Espies 66 For Adoration, in the skies, The Lord's philosopher espies The dog, the ram, and rose; The planets' ring, Orion's sword; Nor is his greatness less adored In the vile worm that glows.
  • Ope But the hour of trial is past; The event is sure; and now I ope my heart And show to you what few of living men Have guessed-my final secret.
  • Copies "No, Miss Francie, copies.
  • Poppies
  • Spies
  • Piers
  • Pius
  • Apes But like apes playing the flute!
  • Opiates
  • popes His name was Luna, and therefore he could aspire to anything without fear, because even Popes had come from that family.
  • hopes The Guardian hopes that ...
  • dopes The way they dopes it out, there's been a free-for-all fight in the place between the two remainin' herders an' the wounded cook, an' it looks some as if the kid had tried to help his dad by jabbin' at the legs o' the herders with a knife and been booted in the side o' the head to keep him quiet.
  • ropes
  • opens
  • wipes
  • lopes I had not supposed that this bear was afraid of anything, but now I had reason to believe that he was afraid of guns, for the instant he saw the armed boy he made the little start I have mentioned, and followed it up by a great bolt which jerked the chain from my hand, and the next instant Orso was bounding away in great lopes , his chain rattling behind him.
  • opines
  • OOPS
  • UPS
  • PIS A decade ago Putnam Weale wrote warningly: If China is forced, owing to the short-sighted diplomacy of those for whom the question has really supreme importance, to make common cause with Japan as a pis aller, then it may be accepted as inevitable that in the course of time there will be created a mare clausum, which will extend from the island of Saghalien down to Cochin-China and Siam, including all the island-groups, and the shores of which will be openly hostile to the white man....
  • COPES The inventory of 1402 supplies some curious information as to the manner in which the numerous and costly vestments were arranged when not in use. In the treasury, on the west, stood a wardrobe, armariolum, in which were twenty-four perticae, pegs, or rods, or frames, from which the copes and chasubles could be suspended, one pertica holding from three to six copes.
  • OPTS
  • OISE We may suppose that the gravel containing the flint hatchet at Precy is of the same age as that of Chauny, with which it is continuous, and that both of them are coeval with the tool-bearing beds of Amiens, for the basins of the Oise and the Somme are only separated by a narrow water-shed, and the same fossil quadrupeds occur in both.
  • OPES As I had by this time pretty well satisfied my curiosity, in visiting the objects in Paris that principally arrest the attention of a traveller who has not leisure to dwell longer than is indispensable in one place, I began to be impatient to exchange the continual bustle of that city-its "Fumum opes strepitumque," for those romantic and enlivening scenes in which Switzerland stands without a rival, and is, as it were, by acclamation, allowed to surpass the other countries of Europe.
  • PEES
  • PI'S
  • PIES
  • Hopis There have been many accounts of it written, yet no less an authority than Dr. Jesse Walter Fewkes of the Smithsonian Institution asserts that the major portion of them are not worth the paper they are written on. Inaccurate in outline, faulty in detail, they utterly fail, in the most part, to grasp the deep importance of the ceremony to the religious Hopis .
  • copiers On this the copiers employed by Eumenes wrote their books upon sheepskins, which were called charta pergamena, or parchment, from the name of the city in which they were written.
  • uncarefully
  • coaxings But to-day she felt anxious, for Ada had already drunk a glass too much, and turned from her coaxings with an obstinate smile.
  • in-terminate

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