What is the correct spelling for OPPION?

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Correct spellings for OPPION

  • appoint Goaded by such treatment, she claimed, with some warmth, the right to appoint her servants, and thus another cause of dispute arose between her and her husband, whose unkindness even extended to keeping her so short of money that she was reduced to borrowing from her own servants.
  • ion Marion, he and Col.
  • mopping He placed his case on the floor, took a handkerchief from his pocket and removed his hat, and fiercely took a turn or two up and down the room, mopping his head and face as he went.
  • onion Fielding interrupted: Go, harry the onion-field for dinner.
  • open 9339. Are there some fishermen whom you employ at Greenbank who do not open accounts?
  • opine "The choice of the weapon lies with us, I opine," replied Trevanion.
  • opinion You're more than of age-I can see that-but it's my opinion you need a father.
  • option We sell out everything on the option to him."
  • orion "Not on Orion, I am afraid," interrupted Sedger, who prided himself on his knowledge of the turf.
  • pain Would it not be best to go at once to Pain Court?
  • peon We had been passed from hacienda to hacienda, till we fell into the hospitable hands of Don Simon Peon, and we were now in absolute possession of the ruins of Uxmal.
  • pin Perhaps I'm fullish to pin my trust to it.
  • popping Three of us had heard a sound which strangely resembled the popping of a cork at a very great distance.
  • sopping With this last sentence my friend Leatherbacks gave a violent gesture that upset his cup and left the table-cloth sopping wet.
  • topping The sun was just topping the rising hill beyond and the world looked very sweet to him at that moment.
  • Aping It would have given her greater pleasure to kiss his hand than to have him dancing round her, aping youthful gallantry.
  • Hopping The Little Brown Man was so very small that had you ever seen him skipping and hopping about in his tree, you would have thought him some lively little brown squirrel.
  • Lopping The poisonous tree of evil is not to be destroyed, by here and there lopping off a branch.
  • Upon She knew the business upon which he went.
  • copping One of the bold men of Beckley at the wickets is Nick Frim, son of the gamekeeper at Beckley Court; the other is young Tom Copping, son of Squire Copping, of Dox Hall, in the parish of Beckley.
  • OPP 5, 4; Boissier, L'Opp.
  • bopping It may be assumed, therefore, that I felt peculiarly grateful to a white-bellied nuthatch, when I discovered him bopping about on the ground-on Monument Hill; a piece of humility such as I had never before detected any nuthatch in the practice of.
  • opting
  • upping