What is the correct spelling for ORACE?

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Correct spellings for ORACE

  • ace That hero was in the act of cutting an ace and winning the deal.
  • brace "Brace round the main-yard, then," cried the captain, and the ship stood on close-hauled, ready to tack, so that if possible we might gain the weather-gauge.
  • bracer Well, anyhow, you might send me something for a bracer .
  • erase Both these affairs gave her no pleasure to look back upon, and she tried to erase them from her memory.
  • eraser Put that eraser down.
  • grace Uncle Peter spoke the kind of grace that one makes up as one goes along, and he landed himself in a sentence from which there was no retreat, either forward or backward.
  • horace There was the little trout-stream, where, under pretence of fishing, he had lounged along the summer day, with Horace for his companion; that, the school-house Mary had sketched, and built out of her own pocket-money.
  • once Will you take me back, Katharine, once more and for ever?"
  • oracle In George Sand's finest work there is a sweet spontaneity, almost as if she were an oracle of Nature uttering automatically the divine message.
  • oral But the few minutes of oral instruction upon charging, given in the church, proved inadequate.
  • oran "If we walk to the station," he said, "we shall just meet the train from Oran .
  • orate But the captain, facing them, his arms about the delighted Bos'n, positively declined to orate .
  • ore A ton of coffee, three box cars of ore , a round ton of sugar.
  • race In a flash he was after him, and then began such a race as the Old Pasture never had seen before.
  • racer Mrs. Dennison answered with an imperative gesture, at which Cora tossed her head, like a racer under curb, and flung the dresses in a heap upon the bed, stamping angrily on the floor as Mrs. Dennison left the room and turned down the staircase which led to the library.
  • racy Countless other phrases of this kind might be alleged, a few of them astonishingly vigorous and racy , for new countries breed lusty new forms of speech; but the few already given suffice for my present purpose.
  • raze They fancied that the Boeotians had been persuaded by the Lacedaemonians to raze Panactum and to enter into the treaty with the Athenians, and that Athens was privy to this arrangement, and even her alliance, therefore, no longer open to them-a resource which they had always counted upon, by reason of the dissensions existing, in the event of the noncontinuance of their treaty with Lacedaemon.
  • rice Miss Rice has asked her to come but she won't go.
  • thrace I have taken notice that the Cyclopians of Thrace were styled Charopes; which name they must have received from their rites, and place of worship.
  • trace I shouted, but heard no voice in reply, nor could I see any trace of my friends.
  • tracer The Tracer of Lost Persons looked up sharply: "About how much information do you decline to give, Mr. Gatewood?"
  • Eras Here the whole history is divided into three distinct heads, or eras,-the first branch of an analytical table of the whole story, from one or other of which all the other particulars, of whatever kind, must of necessity take their rise, and branch off in their natural order.
  • Ora Spumantia felle Ora tument, micat ex oculis ardentibus Ignis.
  • Gracie My sister Gracie never gets tired of telling me what an all-sorts-of-fool I am."
  • Royce He took Peggy for a drive in the Rolls-Royce, and told her of Oliver's high-handed methods.
  • Tracey Plants of Bovey Tracey , Miocene.
  • Tracie
  • orates
  • IRAS Yes, Iras , Iras -I like to utter the name.
  • ORES There were nameless ores that hitherto had been treated as of no account because no use had been found for them.
  • orals
  • barnstormers The Barnstormers Spasm Band, also known as the Original Barnstormers Spasm Band, were a jazz band active from 1956 to 1961.
  • hot-handed

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