What is the correct spelling for OREMOS?

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Correct spellings for OREMOS

  • ares
  • arms He came home and took me in his arms and said we should not stay there-no one should talk against his mother.
  • eros But wherefore, O, Eros , dost thou detain me in such scenes as these, while the hoarse trumpet of bully Mars calls me to the field of strategic glory?
  • remiss Possibly he had been similarly remiss about fastening the door.
  • remorse Karl watched him with a certain air of pity and seemed to be asking himself whether his master was not beginning to feel some kind of remorse at the thought of the crimes which he had committed.
  • remus Like Romulus and Remus placed in a trough, cast adrift on the Tiber, nourished in the marshes by a wolf, some persons seem to be strengthened by the worst things to which they are exposed, while others succumb at their approach.
  • rooms If you'd really like to have it, I'll see that it is taken up to your rooms at once.
  • Amos Every subsequent owner of Greenfields bought it with Amos in full view.
  • Ramos In place of the condemned door, there is one leading into the second bay, the Puerta de los Ramos or de las Palmas, in feeling very similar to the main doors of the west.
  • Emus Farrell and I didn't build a house in a tree, because we didn't need to; and we didn't ride on emus, because we didn't want to, and moreover there weren't any.
  • Tremors Lowering clouds began to steal over the fair serenity of her brow, and tremors to run through her tender frame.
  • roams The banth is a fierce beast of prey that roams the low hills surrounding the dead seas of ancient Mars.
  • ohms It may be of interest, however, to mention some of its dimensions and electrical characteristics, quoting again from Mr. Clarke: "The field-magnet had eight solid cylindrical cores, 8 inches in diameter and 57 inches long, upon each of which was wound an exciting-coil of 3.2 ohms resistance, consisting of 2184 turns of No. 10 B. W. G. insulated copper wire, disposed in six layers.
  • armors
  • rims
  • aromas
  • rams The expense of operation is nothing and as water rams and pumps cost about the same, such an installation has much to recommend it.
  • OMS
  • EMS
  • REMS
  • ORES
  • ROMEOS But Shakespeare is out of fashion now and so all my Romeos and Juliets stand a poor chance.
  • RUMS
  • cremes
  • promos
  • rumors
  • absolutenesses
  • abstainings
  • absterged
  • counterscript
  • crumblings
  • cryptanalyze
  • cryptanalyzed
  • dis-featuring
  • dis-figure

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