What is the correct spelling for OSTEEN?

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Correct spellings for OSTEEN

  • astana Astana, lit.
  • aster 25th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards for Miami Childrens Hospital 2009 Aster Awards Awards for Miami Childrens Hospital 2010 Flagler Awards for Monroe County, TDC ADDY® Awards In 2010, Tinsley Advertising garnered 37 ADDY Awards, the most of any agency in Miami.
  • astern They raised a cheer, for they knew our errand, and then, like the smack, in a minute she was astern and gone.
  • austen Back up your train, said Austen , and stop your baggage car here.
  • austin The youth was instructed to cherish an ambition for statesmanship, and he and his father read history and the speeches of British orators to some purpose; for one day Sir Austin found him leaning cross-legged, and with his hand to his chin, against a pedestal supporting the bust of Chatham, contemplating the hero of our Parliament, his eyes streaming with tears.
  • boston You'd think, with all the people there are in Boston , she wouldn't ha' had much trouble, but then Molly's manner ain't in her favor, an' I suppose folks in the city is real busy-must be awful hard to keep house, livin' the way they do.
  • eastern Through the after years the old man had sought always to do two things: to return to the Eastern Mines the money which he had taken from the company; to find his son.
  • eaten Have you eaten all that I sent down to Lochias to-day, my dear Pontius?
  • epstein 1999 - You Are Here by Kyle Baker (Paradox Press) 2014 - The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story, with Vivek Tiwary & Andrew Cornell Robinson (Dark Horse) Harvey Award, Best New Series: 2005 - Plastic Man, by Kyle Baker (DC) Harvey Award, Special Award for Humor: 2005 - Plastic Man, by Kyle Baker (DC) 2006 - Plastic Man, by Kyle Baker (DC) Harvey Award, Best Graphic Album of Previously Published Work 2009 - Nat Turner (Abram Books) 2006 Glyph Comics Awards Story of the Year - Nat Turner, Kyle Baker, writer and artist Best Artist: Kyle Baker, Nat Turner Best Cover: Nat Turner #1, Kyle Baker, illustrator 2007 Glyph Comics Awards Best Artist: Kyle Baker, The Bakers 2008 Glyph Comics Awards Best Artist: Kyle Baker, Nat Turner: Revolution
  • essen Southeastern Louisiana University School of Nursing is located in the medical district on Essen Lane in Baton Rouge.
  • esteem She was quite as surprised as Lady Beldonald had been on hearing of the esteem in which I held Mrs. Brash's appearance.
  • ester This enzyme belongs to the family of hydrolases, specifically those acting on carboxylic ester bonds.
  • fasten Alice stopped to fasten up a riotous branch of woodbine that had poked its way through a screen.
  • hasten "I wouldn't spoil these horses for five hundred dollars," growled the driver when I passed him the injunction to hasten .
  • listen And now it was Martin's turn to work and sit beside the bed and watch, and listen through the long, long nights to every sound in the gloomy wilderness.
  • moisten And, left alone, he would draw up the rough sheets over his head, with gaunt clutching fingers, and weep, though sometimes no tears came to moisten his haggard, staring eyes.
  • oaten The comfort of those outside the walls had not, however, been altogether neglected by Sir Richard Hoghton, for sheds were reared under the trees, where stout March beer, together with cheese and bread, or oaten cakes and butter, were freely distributed to all applicants; so that, if some were disappointed, few were discontented, especially when told that the gates would be thrown open at noon, when, during the time the King and the nobles feasted in the great banquet-hall, they might partake of a wild bull from the park, slaughtered expressly for the occasion, which was now being roasted whole within the base court.
  • ocean She was a poor sailor, yet she loved the ocean and this was a good excuse for a long trip.
  • octane Rubidium chloride is used as a gasoline additive to improve its octane number.
  • often Do you do this often ?
  • oftener Only you'd been into my house oftener than anybody else, and so you came into my head.
  • ostler The preliminary consultation was secretly held, and when Dougherty, the Irish ostler , mixed himself, as by accident, among the troop, Gilbert sharply ordered him away.
  • ouster
  • ousting
  • oyster
  • sateen
  • seton
  • sodden
  • stain
  • stein
  • stern
  • sterne
  • stone
  • stun
  • Aston Aymer, with renewed invective, clutched a book to hurl at the unfortunate man, but before he could fling it, Mr. Aston leant over the head of the sofa and seized his wrists.
  • Essene The Essene frowned and closed the mouth of the purse.
  • Ousted Step by step all along the line the machine has ousted the skilled manual worker, either rendering his office superfluous, or retaining him to play the part of servant to the new machine.
  • Esteban Spying Sebastian, he began: "So Don Esteban has an heir at last?"
  • Stan
  • Steno
  • Stine

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