What is the correct spelling for OTOMAN?

If you find yourself misspelling "otoman", fret not! The correct spelling for the word you're looking for is "ottoman". Don't forget that extra "t" in the middle. It refers to a padded footstool or low upholstered seat. Keep the spelling right and you won't stumble upon this mistake again!

Correct spellings for OTOMAN

  • Atman I am also Atman.
  • motorman The motorman skillfully drove the train through the winding tracks.
  • oilman The oilman has finally found his calling in life.
  • oman He gazed at the moon, feeling solemn and OmAn.
  • Osman Osman was born in 1238.
  • ottoman My grandmother always has an ottoman reserved in her sitting room for when we come to visit.
  • Ottomans The Ottomans were a powerful empire that ruled much of southeastern Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa for over six centuries.