What is the correct spelling for OVEF?

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Correct spellings for OVEF

  • aver Had I been then in the First Consul's intimacy I may aver, with as much confidence as pride, that the blood of the Due d'Enghien would not have imprinted an indelible stain on the glory of Bonaparte.
  • eve The Man's name was Adam, and the woman, who was made from a piece of Adam's body nearest to his heart, was named Eve.
  • even "Mr. Blaine told me to report to him this afternoon, and I meant to, but he didn't tell me to talk to anyone else, even you.
  • ever So the Mermaid Queen slept much longer than ever before.
  • fief This fief shall be yours.
  • ives He drew it back, having satisfied himself that they were actually forth-coming, and then recovered himself so far as to ask- Pray, sir, are you acquainted with Captain St. Ives?
  • oaf There has been that oaf Tom.
  • off I know when I am well off.
  • oval The bright hue of health and spirits was on her oval cheeks, and there was a sparkling lustre in her full dark eye, which, at times, however, wanted, alas!
  • oven Bake in the oven until brown.
  • over "I should like to go over and see Miss Martin.
  • overt Hasn't it occurred to you that those fancy frogmen, as you call them, would have made some overt move by now if they were really interested in us?"
  • ovid To speak it well was therefore a much more common accomplishment shall in our time; and neither Oxford nor Cambridge wanted poets who, on a great occasion, could lay at the foot of the throne happy imitations of the verses in which Virgil and Ovid had celebrated the greatness of Augustus.
  • ovum The development of a seed into a plant, or an ovum into an animal, is so gradual, while the forces which determine it are so involved, and at the same time so unobtrusive, that it is difficult to detect the multiplication of effects which is elsewhere so obvious.
  • Ave I'll ave a time of it, I tell you.
  • I've I don't know what has made me talk the way I have to-night I've seen it coming-oh, I've seen it coming all along-yes, longer than any one of you has seen it-and I knew I couldn't stand in the way.
  • Of "Of course, I ought to tell you that.
  • Ova According to travellers in tropical America, the inhabitants of Portobello assert that every drop of rain is changed into a toad; the more instructed, however, believe that the spawn of these animals is raised with the vapour from the adjoining swamps, and being driven in the clouds over the city, the ova are hatched as they descend in rain.
  • Olaf Olaf is up in the mountain; he suffers no want.
  • EVES And whereas thou seest him with his eves lift up to Heaven, the best of books in his hand, and the law of truth writ on his lips, it is to show thee, that his work is to know and unfold dark things to sinners; even as also thou seest him stand as if he pleaded with men; and whereas thou seest the world as cast behind him, and that a crown hangs over his head, that is to show thee that slighting and despising the things that are present, for the love that he hath to his Master's service, he is sure in the world that comes next to have glory for his reward.