What is the correct spelling for OWNNED?

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Correct spellings for OWNNED

  • actioned for cause exhibit
  • aeneid Not only are the main features in the story of the Aeneid of foreign origin, but the treatment of the story betrays some want of vital sympathy with the heterogeneous elements out of which it is composed.
  • all heart
  • am on ones side
  • awed Both men stumbled to their feet, awed by something in Lizzie which was more than the majesty of grief.
  • be in residence
  • beared a grudge
  • beared a grudge against
  • being on the air
  • catching at straws
  • Coined Whether Ninon herself at first coined it as a joke, or whether it was a hoax that she herself credited, it is certain that she grew at last to have firm faith in it.
  • Conned At last I heard voices without-I started from the examination of a pencil drawing but partly finished, but the artist of which I could not be deceived in-I listened -the sounds drew near-I could not distinguish who were the speakers -the door-lock turned, and I rose to make my well-conned, but half-forgotten speech; and oh, confounded disappointment, Mrs. Herbert, the house-keeper, entered.
  • corned A green pepper, shredded, is an invaluable addition to corned beef hash.
  • Dinned They had heard the war-cry between capital and labor dinned into their ears since the day they set foot upon American soil.
  • Dunned In the days I write of, the travelled were of another genus, and you might dine at Very's or have your loge at "Les Italiens," without being dunned by your tailor at the one, or confronted with your washer-woman at the other.
  • fanned She fanned herself a moment, and then repeated the lines correctly, in a soft, flat, and yet agreeable voice.
  • Fawned They'd all fawned over Kristen, starstruck by her celebrity, and they'd spill the beans in a heartbeat if any of them found out.
  • Ind The first thing she got hold of was a pillow case with lace on the ind of it-wide lace.
  • Inked Little dashed his head and face into the bucket, and soon inked all the water.
  • Kenned The Chamberlain perceived his project and kenned his intent; so he answered, saying, "To hear is to obey!"
  • oneida In the writer's experience, the Second Duke of Oneida, a magnificent product of his world-famed family, died as the result of a too liberal allowance of wheat bran, fed with the view of still further improving the bone and general form of the Duchess strain of Shorthorns.
  • OPED Sam didn't mind going, as it 'appened, as he 'oped to meet 'is new pal there and tell 'im his troubles, but, though they stayed there some time, 'e didn't turn up.
  • Panned It was the ashes that panned out $1,200 to the ton."
  • Pawned There is a tradition that in the days of old the Bible was removed from the Parish Church of Ecclesfield and pawned by the churchwardens to provide the means of a bear-baiting.
  • Punned "Dam 'fi 'no," punned Blake.
  • sonnet Milton's Sonnet on his blindness.
  • Sunned Instead of the mullah, growling texts out of a Quran on his lap, the Orakzai Pathan sat and sunned himself in the cave mouth, emitting worldlier wisdom unadulterated with divinity.
  • tinned He carried a bundle of tinned meats and preserves slung in a coat.
  • unwed No man, my daughters; But ye must wither childless and unwed.
  • weened