What is the correct spelling for OWRRIED?

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Correct spellings for OWRRIED

  • aired
  • arid The result of this state of things will be that the moisture will be precipitated mainly on the mountains during the cold of night-in the form of frost-and during the day this covering of frost will melt; and, just as we see a heavy dew-fall darken the ground in summer, so the melting ice will set off the elevated land against the arid plains below.
  • berried An hour later the sturdy baby balsam stood loaded with its crop of strange fruit, and the faithful, rickety wagon, whose imperfections were quite hidden beneath trails of thick, fragrant ground pine and sprays of flame-berried holly, looked as though it had received a visitation from the fairies.
  • dried Time has not dried it away.
  • eared I turned the yellow and dog's-eared pages, reading here and there a sentence.
  • fried I came in house and fried some herrings for supper.
  • harried In fact, Mr. Latham, harried by the events of the past two hours, bewildered by a hundred-million-dollar diamond deal which had been thrust down his throat gracefully, but none the less certainly, and ridden by the keenest curiosity, was delighted to see Mr. Birnes.
  • horrid I suppose because it all feels so horrid .
  • hurried Then she hurried to her room to get her copy of the libretto.
  • married "Then was that the reason you married him?
  • orate Thornberry seemed ready to orate for an hour, but Bennington stopped him with a gesture.
  • oriel The Oriel boat was manned chiefly by old oars, seasoned in many a race, and not liable to panic when hard pressed.
  • orris Well it might be, for though the children knew it not, the flowing lovelocks of the curly wig that descended to the Justice's shoulders had been scented that very morning with odours of ambergris, musk, and violet, orris root, orange flowers, and jessamine, as well as others besides.
  • override The judges were charged, therefore, with a neglect of duty in omitting, as authorised by the law, to certify illegality in the Act prior to its enrolment; and by permitting the question of an act of council, they were said to override the legislature.
  • owed The more he thought about it, the worse it seemed; and the next time he spoke to Holt, and told him to remember that he owed him a shilling, Holt said he did not know that,-he did not mean to spend a shilling; and it was clear that it was only his fear of Hugh's speaking to Mrs Watson or the usher, that prevented his saying outright that he should not pay it.
  • owned However, the Doctor owned that my behaviour shewed me to be anxious for my poor father's life.
  • serried That army, upon whose serried ranks you have perhaps, unconsciously, but nevertheless with pity, looked down?...
  • torrid Soon after she had done so, there was a welcome change in the almost torrid weather, and grass and grain lay still under a faintly clouded sky when he toiled among the sheaves one clear, cool afternoon.
  • tried I have tried to help him.
  • wearied Over-wearied, half-drowned was I, and I will not say whether or not I laughed at the odd attitude in which I had placed myself; but I could have laughed, for from that moment I knew no further fear.
  • wired Isabelle, in the meantime, had wired Miss Vantine that a change of plans made it unnecessary for the teacher to meet the train.
  • worried "I was a little worried , so I came out with the lantern.
  • Arrived Paul Patoff, arrived this morning, and insisted upon seeing her this afternoon.
  • Carried "Boduoc will be glad when I tell him how you have carried out my wish.
  • Erred He showed me that I have erred deeply.
  • Ferried We ferried over it successfully and resumed our journey across the valley of rather low but rich land, still covered in places with a mass of tall dry grass, the fading glory of last year's beneficence.
  • Oared On the river the finishing touches were being put to what the school fondly believed was the finest four-oared crew ever destined to carry the Brown and White to victory.
  • Parried I believed I had successfully parried all perilous inquiries-but I was wrong.
  • Tarried And they who had failed to endure his former absence, were required to be patient while he tarried again upon the mountain, forty days and nights.
  • Warred In the valley of the Jordan it was worth its weight in silver, and kings warred for what is now a weed.
  • Cried "Shut up," cried Cyril.
  • Curried He was gentle and liked to be curried and petted.
  • Pried He looked a look of vicious happiness and eagerly pried the watch open, and then put a small dice-box into his eye and peered into its machinery.
  • orated Sir William Heathcote, therefore, resolved to build a church for the people, and Mr. Yonge was again the architect and clerk of the works, profiting by the experience gained at Otterbourne, so as to aim at Early English rather than Decorated style.
  • odored

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