What is the correct spelling for OZING?

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Correct spellings for OZING

  • boozing This was an affair truly different from that vulgar boozing circle at the Gauntlet Inn which he had denounced so contemptuously in old days.
  • dozing In common with the majority of his fellow-passengers, he was dozing.
  • easing As they drove the few blocks downtown, the rain was easing up but the streets were still shiny.
  • icing The icing is excellent, made with rare dipentose sugars which give it a delightful flavor.
  • losing You must not run the risk of losing your lives when you cannot advance our good cause.
  • odin Is that old Odin I can hear barking?"
  • offing Fearful of being driven on the Scilly Isles, or the southern coast of England, our captain endeavoured to keep a good offing, though we thereby lost sight of the rest of the fleet.
  • oozing Water slowly oozing from the roof of a limestone cavern partially evaporates there, and a thin pellicle of carbonate of lime is formed; while that portion of the water which falls to the ground, and is there evaporated, likewise gives rise to the formation of carbonate of lime.
  • outing One day, shortly after their return to town in the autumn from the brief summer outing they permitted themselves, the Marches met Margaret Vance.
  • owing Far less an one than Richard, but still likely to be a formidable obstacle owing to Lingard's strained sense of honour.
  • ozone The atmosphere of Vernon has a wonderful power, but it was not of the material ozone she was thinking as she spoke.
  • posing Oh, Mr. Wray, could you let me off posing any more to-day?
  • razing The envoys at the same time announced the razing of Panactum, which to them seemed as good as its restitution, as it would no longer lodge an enemy of Athens.
  • sing Yes, yes, and I have not heard her sing this year before now.
  • sizing I've yet to see her make a mistake in sizing up a man.
  • using Marjorie leaned eagerly forward to see the freshman team come in from the side room which they were using.
  • zing Mayhem fell prone as the raw zing of energy ripped past.
  • Dazing He saw the flash and felt the dazing thud, though most of the blast passed over him.
  • dosing By this time the added as well as the natural sugar contained in the wine has become converted into alcohol and carbonic acid; and after the sediment has been expelled from the bottle the operation of dosing, or flavouring, the wine takes place.
  • Gazing We sat in silence gazing into the peat fire.
  • Hazing "Oh, they had us riding over east of the home ranch, hazing in some outa the hills.
  • Lazing Lazing around in the waters of Plasmoid Creek for an hour or so every morning had turned out to be a helpful part of the process.
  • Nosing We saw a huge bear nosing about our fireplace.
  • Oaring And the goblins came sailing and sailing up on the star; they was working it like, to make it go quick you know, like a boat with men oaring it you know, and they was oaring and oaring so hard, they was as hot as hot.
  • Oiling "When you're through with that oiling, we'll get on," he said harshly.
  • Owning He was returning in a sleigh one evening to the village where he was to remain for the night, the peasant owning the sleigh sitting behind, and a boy driving.
  • Suing In the first place-it will mean something to the trailmen, won't it-to have a Hastur with you, suing for this favor?
  • Olin Much more important to American art is the work of Olin Levi Warner, the son of an itinerant Methodist preacher, whose wanderings prevented the boy getting any regular schooling.
  • Orin Orin S. Fowler, afterwards a member of Congress, was very indignant, and his report to the Legislature aroused the State from its delusion in regard to the Worcester Hospital.
  • fazing
  • axing Miss Cyn, honey, go fotch Miss Ann and tell her one ob dem Morleys is here axing us-all to buy his berries, and him in shreds and tatters!
  • hosing The rest of the day was reading Lutetia; musing on Lutetia; "scything" or "sickling," as he called it in his letters to Spink, in the garden; reflecting on Lutetia; exploring the neighborhood on foot; meditating on Lutetia; reading and rereading the mass of Spink's data on Lutetia; hosing the garden; making notes on Spink's data on Lutetia and thinking of his notes on Spink's data on Lutetia.
  • arcing An intimation of some of the tremendous difficulties encountered in the construction of this machine has already been given in preceding pages, hence we shall not now enlarge on the subject, except to note in passing that the terribly destructive effects of the spark of self-induction and the arcing following it were first manifested in this powerful machine, but were finally overcome by Edison after a strenuous application of his powers to the solution of the problem.
  • acing
  • zine
  • zingy
  • dis-sever