What is the correct spelling for OZZED?

When encountering the misspelling "ozzed", consider alternative spellings such as "odd" or "zzed". Additionally, words like "oozed" or "ooze" may also be appropriate depending on the intended meaning. Remember to consult a dictionary when in doubt to ensure accurate spelling and effective communication.

Correct spellings for OZZED

  • Boozed I feel brutally Boozed.
  • Buzzed I was buzzed when I got home.
  • dazed The victim was dazed and could barely walk.
  • Dozed As the sun began to set, he dozed off on the hammock.
  • fazed He was really fazed when he found out.
  • Fizzed The soda can was shaken so hard that it fizzed and sprayed everywhere when it was opened.
  • fuzzed I accidentally fuzzed the image while trying to adjust the brightness level.
  • Gazed She gazed at the stars, dreaming of some unknown place.
  • Hazed After being hazed during the initiation process, the new members of the fraternity decided to report the issue to the school authorities.
  • jazzed I was jazzed when I won the lottery.
  • Lazed I lazed on the couch all day instead of catching up on my work.
  • Oared The oared ships won the race.
  • oiled The mechanic oiled the engine to ensure it ran smoothly.
  • ooze The mud in the swamp began to ooze between my toes.
  • Oozed The gas oozed from the broken pipe.
  • oozes The oozes over the side of the cliff.
  • OPED According to reports, the oped should be written before the article is published.
  • outed After being outed as a fraud, she had to face the public scorn.
  • owed I owed my friend five dollars from the coffee I bought last week.
  • owned She owned the company for 10 years before selling it to retire.
  • Ozzie No one really knows what happened to Ozzie.
  • razed The whole village was razed to the ground during the war.
  • razzed I was so razzed after that game that I passed out on my bed.
  • sized The sized jacket was too small for him.
  • zed I zed the couch with a sofa cushion.