What is the correct spelling for PAENTS?

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Correct spellings for PAENTS

  • pant For a time we struggle heroically against wind and tide, really against ourselves; but finally we become weary and we pant.
  • pants They are all hard at work; they carry the pants back and forth themselves, and so for the most of their work receive twelve cents, though for some they get only ten cents a pair.
  • pent All the pent-up bitterness that had been seething in Ma Mandle's mind broke bounds now, and welled to her lips.
  • Pens We shall now soon have Memfus, and that jest pens up Jeff Davis in Virginny.
  • peanuts 35. Peanuts mashed to a paste with mayonnaise.
  • Pats Pats closed his eyes and took a long breath.
  • Parents I don't know quite why, but she never could manage, and I don't think parents ever paid her.
  • Patents After long debate "upon the whole carriage of the plantation of that country," it appointed a committee of twelve members, called the Committee on the New England Plantations, with the Archbishop of York at its head, "to examine how the patents for the said plantations have been granted."
  • Patients We opened our new station to-day and relieved the 87th F.A. We had but a few patients.
  • Pets Among his many pets at Oakdene his special favourite was a splendid mastiff that the squire had given him as a birthday present two years before.
  • Planets Which of all the planets comes nearest to the earth?
  • Plants The plants are nearly all white when full grown.
  • payments I write all my payments down in a little book.
  • panties And he carried for a spare a pair of panties But they didn't fit him well they were his auntie's In his undies form the Indies to the Andes 'Twas a very, very daring thing to do – From The Indies To The Andes In His Undies by John Lithgow
  • points
  • pageants Madame d'Azay, being of the court party, held widely differing views from those of her nephew, and was out of all conceit with this political ferment, while as for Adrienne, she looked upon the opening of the States-General and the grand reception of the King on the 2d of May as splendid pageants merely, to which she would be glad to lend her presence and the lustre of her beauty.
  • pans If they slip easily in the pans, it is a sign they are done.
  • pints Ella had sent champagne-six cosy pints in a wicker basket.
  • paints Verestchagin paints war-hideous war!
  • PUNTS At present a large number of galley punts lie on Deal beach.
  • paeans He was strong, he was first-rate; I felt perfectly secure and sang private paeans of joy.
  • panes "I can still in my mind see your beautiful white floor and shining window-panes, down there by the sea.
  • acting with decorum
  • acting with regard to
  • action capabilities
  • action for a cause exhibit
  • actioned for a cause exhibit
  • not do
  • am alive with
  • am all ears
  • am awe of
  • am engrossed by
  • be invented
  • being in vain
  • bendableness
  • chopping up
  • clear-headednesses
  • co-incidental
  • co-lorings
  • co-lure
  • co-lures
  • cock a doodle dooed
  • come to head
  • gat on the beam
  • holding an opinion
  • batter cakes