What is the correct spelling for PAG?

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Correct spellings for PAG

  • ag Bey-ag-Akhamouk said, I've always wanted to be a general.
  • bag But when you came along with the ice-bag and your nice voice, and I got a good look at you next day, all that went up in the air.
  • dag Dag, the son of Hogni, sacrificed to Odin, for vengeance for his father.
  • gag So that it should not happen again, he got his wife to tie on his cap of moonshine so firmly that it could not come off, and to gag up his mouth so that no word could come out of it.
  • hag And since there is nothing to be done till the whole of them get up to feed in the afternoon, we will chist creep aweh into a peat-hag and wait there, and you can have your lunch, sir."
  • jag On the day you were pinched, they tell me, you had the beautifulest jag on that's been seen in this town in many a day.
  • lag In spite of my will, all of these keen desires of mine to know everything lag and fail often, and I catch myself drifting.
  • mag I should like, however, to add one word in respect to a witness, who might, had he been a less chiv-al-rous opponent-a less mag -nan-i-mous man-have sat here upon the bench instead of entering the witness-box to suffer the remorseless cross-questioning of a personal enemy.
  • nag Is not a bobtailed nag sufficient shame?
  • pac It was a massive variation of the "Pac-Man" takeover defense: you eat anybody you think wants to eat you.
  • pad Carry a little pad of paper in your pocket.
  • page "On my view" was cut out in 1869. On the following page we read-"On my view this question can easily be answered."
  • pal He was arrested, and turned Queen's evidence in the hope of hanging his pal .
  • pan The fire’s not much of a relief from the frying pan .
  • pang In the contemplation of such a character, when the keen pang of parting is past, joy should take the place of mourning.
  • pap Pap began his political career with election to the Indiana House of Representatives in 1913, following in the footsteps of his grandfather.
  • par An anticipation, as Lamb and others have pointed out, of Milton's description of angelic wounds, Par .
  • pas If, then, you like it, you weel study your lessons, n'est pas ?"
  • pat "You had better get your story more pat .
  • paw With but a slight cuff of his paw , the bear could toss the attacking dogs over dizzy heights.
  • pay But I suppose you'll pay some visits first.
  • peg The eggs of the water-pheasant are in shape like peg tops without the peg .
  • pig I do not know where it came from, but each of us had a hope that one day we should possess a pig .
  • pug He will tell me the meaning of pug .
  • rag 7 fathoms-A red rag .
  • sag His face would sag forward-that was all-and as his companion scrambled up in dismay, he too would fall back.
  • tag Later Schmaltz bet with somebody else taking the other side of the contention, but again he lost because when it came time for the tag line he grew confused and shouted.
  • wag The parson replied, "Thou art an arch wag , Jack."
  • Pah The coolies also asked him whether he could carry fifty soie over Loi Mawk Pah that was called the Cloud Mountain, because its head was often in the clouds.
  • Pam They aren't as pretty as our rosy-faced girls, but their ways are elegant, and so are their clothes, tell Pam .
  • PG 328; the chapter correctly starts on Pg .
  • PKG Y. P. S. C. E., Pkg . Christmas Gifts, for Jonesboro, Tenn.

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