What is the correct spelling for PAIBN?

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Correct spellings for PAIBN

  • bairn He was a bonnie bit bairn , and she was just thinking of trying to make friends with him when one of the beautiful maidens passed, and, looking at the wand, said to her partner, in a meaning tone, "Three strokes of that wand would give Katherine's sister back her pretty face."
  • ban Even as late as the 13th century it lay under the ban of the ecclesiastics, and was deemed too profane and scandalous for Church use.
  • bin Besides, t'wouldn't 'a' bin that.
  • cabin "I would rather die-than that you should not have your box," was all he said, and left the cabin .
  • fabian This Fabian fighting was all against the lighter weight, who must tire in time.
  • pacing He was leaning over the weather pin-rail, smoking; while I was pacing up and down, between him and the fore hatch.
  • paean At the mouth of the Borysthenes, Achilles has been espied by mariners, who were sailing past his isle, careering along with his yellow locks and arms of gold, and singing his paean of battle.
  • pagan Quite a pagan , but his wife was a Roman Catholic, and I heard that the children were brought up to her faith, though she died quite young....
  • paging Then I suddenly remembered the omission of the paging , and spoke of that.
  • pain He had forgotten his wife and his home; he had forgotten Norah; he had forgotten all his pain .
  • paine Prepared for publication with comments by Albert Bigelow Paine .
  • paling While in the full enjoyment of their happiness, watching over their helpless young ones, they one day saw what to them appeared a terrific monster-a large cat-leap to the top of the paling , and begin cautiously creeping along it.
  • pan We must be like Peter Pan , the boy who never grew up-heaven defend me from ever feeling quite grown up, for then I should come to a standstill; so the reader must take what I have to say simply as the talk of one boy to another in the Great School, and not expect too much.
  • pane When the eye has taken in these things, as the rustle of the brown leaves blown against the pane without in the silence is plainly audible, the mind seems in an instant to slip back four hundred years.
  • paring 3. Each take a small saucepan, a measuring cup, a teaspoon, a paring -knife, and a small cup.
  • patina A tolerably level field of twenty acres was fenced in, and the work begun by firing the patina and burning off all the grass.
  • paving She listened to all this, so that she could have passed an examination in it by the time Waterloo Bridge was in sight; and yet she was no more listening to it than she was counting the paving -stones at her feet.
  • pawn Fenwick, knowing nothing of Vereker's inquiry, did so; for he had decided to say nothing about a certain pawn -ticket that was in the pocket of an otherwise empty purse or pocket-book, evidently just bought.
  • paying The boys walked on without paying much attention to where they were going, young Smith being greatly pleased at being with the older boys, but at length Jack stopped, looked around him, and said with the least bit of alarm in his tone: H'm!
  • pb Cu is positive to Ag, but negative to Pb and Zn.
  • pen "Well, write it, then," she said, throwing down the pen .
  • piano She arose and we all followed her into the saloon where the piano stood.
  • pin Soames pressed on one end where there was something that felt like the head of a pin .
  • pine I passed down the long, lovely Intshanga Ridge, and must have walked well, for I reached Pine Town fairly early in the afternoon.
  • ping The ping of a bullet on the shale beside him brought the tortured man to his feet.
  • pinny Pinny has gone back to his military school, and is doing very well.
  • plain I put a plain case to you, and I wanted as plain an answer.
  • plan And as for to-morrow, I've got a plan .
  • prion
  • pub An abridgment of the biography pub .
  • pun The mosquitoes were most tormenting; as was well expressed by one of the men outside my tent, who remarked to his companion, "That the more you pun ishes 'em, the more they brings you to the scratch:" a tolerable pun for one of "the fancy," of which class we had rather too many in the party.
  • sabin Mrs. Sabin -so she gave her name-at once hurried to the door and looked out.
  • sabine Not until I came across the foregoing letter have I understood why Wilson thwarted all Field's efforts to present me with a copy of the precious edition of "The Sabine Farm."
  • Patine
  • Pawing The only sounds that reached him were the droning of bees in a border of spring flowers, the pawing of a horse in the stables, the pipe of young voices in the orchard; and all three sounds were pleasant to his ear.
  • Harbin Colonel Harbin , occasionally, had private advices from the north.
  • Payne I be drilling these chicks they like Major Payne When I make it rain, they be like "Kelz do it again" – Make It Rain (Remix) by fat joe
  • Sabina

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