What is the correct spelling for PAION?

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Correct spellings for PAION

  • ion Marion more than this simple matter of fact.
  • paean How could she know that behind his halting sentences a paean of love was threatening to burst the very confines of his inarticulate soul?
  • pain The pain is growing less.
  • paine At a parish meeting held at Winteringham, on January 6, 1685, it was resolved:-"None shall smoke tobacco in the streets upon paine of two shillings for every default."
  • pains I took pains to learn that, too, and it was with some curiosity, I assure you, that I examined the few guests who had now been admitted to the room I had so carefully pointed out to my son.
  • paint But I don't know-I believe I'd rather write than paint .
  • pair There had been but one job that day-a pair of McGuckin's boots.
  • pan Put the fruit and sugar into your pan , let the sugar melt, then boil quickly for twenty to thirty minutes.
  • pane One window-pane in one big church that's here Cost more than our old preacher made per year!
  • pardon Oh, please pardon me a moment, I must speak to this girl!
  • parson Parson Adams is a most charming person in his way, but his intellectual outlook is decidedly limited.
  • passion What in a Heat, and a Passion , and all that, Mr. Powell?
  • patio The hotel has a honey of a patio , like you see in travel bureau literature.
  • pawn The cellars are already high above the gazer's head, planted on the steep hill-side; as for the garret, all the furniture may be in the pawn -shop, but it commands a famous prospect to the Highland hills.
  • pen And this is his pen -the last pen he ever used."
  • peon I trust the reader has not forgotten our old friend Don Simon Peon , to whom, of course, our first visit was made.
  • peony There was a picket fence in front; but the yard was bare of ornament, if we except the lilac bushes under the parlor windows, the red peony in the corner, and the clumps of violets and daisies, which grew in what was intended for borders to the walk, from the front gate to the door.
  • piano He can play on the violin as well as the piano , and he teaches both.
  • pin I went over to the weather pin -rail, and leaned up against it, watching him, while I filled my pipe.
  • pine Well, her old grandfather-as noble a heart as ever beat-had never ceased to pine after her fall.
  • ping Exactly, my dear Mr Ping , but I can assure you that before long both his and my accounts shall be paid.
  • pinion There was a wound over his right brow; and as if that had not sufficed to slay him, the fall of the masts had in some wonderful manner whipped a rope several times round his body, binding his arms and encircling his throat so tightly, that no executioner could have gone more artistically to work to pinion and choke a man.
  • pinny Cowen spent the night at my house last night and to-day Pinny caught twenty-five crickets for him to take to his room to make music for him.
  • pinon Ay, and you shall have a half peck of pinon nuts for your supper, I promise you.
  • piton He took a steel piton out of his tool pack, transferred it to his left hand, and took out a hammer.
  • plain If one goes to the plain , quickly he must go.
  • poison Well, what's one man's meat is another man's poison .
  • pone What yer want for supper, honey, waffles, or corn-pone?"
  • pony If I should see some member of my class make use of a pony , am I expected to cut her dead, while all the others are friendly with her as usual?
  • potion That was a fine, dark potion you brewed for me last night, Sieglinde!
  • prion
  • pun With Father in the Navy and Ethel Blue's father in the Army we have the two arms of the Service united in the family, and if we call it 'The United Service Club' it will be a nice little pun for ourselves and express the idea of the club all right for outsiders.
  • spain "Yes 'e says you are married now and 'ave a lovely 'ouse and 'e says you 'ave not written for a ver' long time, and 'e just asked me to give you 'is love and say that when 'e comes back from Spain , per'aps-" "Stephen!"
  • Patton Patton was not only a Scot, but a follower of Hohenlo, as Leicester loudly protested.
  • Payne When the session closed Chairman Payne set on foot a series of investigations ostensibly to gain information to be used in the coming revision.
  • PRON Abrupt transitions in the Bible Absolute, when, and in what case, a noun or a pron.
  • co-equals

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