What is the correct spelling for PALASAD?

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Correct spellings for PALASAD

  • palace
  • palate Those letters whose sounds are modified by the palate.
  • palisade He followed, to find Mungongo leaning over the palisade as if speaking to some one.
  • pallid His lips were pallid, and his hands were tightly clasped together.
  • palsied Turning his head, his master saw approaching a dilapidated hack with side-lanterns like great goggles and decrepit and palsied curtains.
  • palsy The tears would come to his eyes, and he would shiver and shake like one struck by palsy.
  • payload "We could have postponed recovering the payload and helped you," Scotty said reproachfully.
  • placard The States published a placard denouncing the men who had thus betrayed the cause of freedom, and surrendered the city of Gertruydenberg to the Spaniards, as perjured traitors whom it was made lawful to hang, whenever or wherever caught, without trial or sentence, and offering fifty florins a-head for every private soldier and one hundred florins for any officer of the garrison.
  • placed I tried witchcraft to find the person who placed the troubles and sickness on me.
  • placid We have no time to go into that question, however," said Mrs. Vansittart, who was already beginning to be impatient with this placid man.
  • plaid Doesn't this red and green plaid seem a bit-well, bright?
  • plasma The nutritive material thus absorbed is conveyed by the blood plasma and the lymph to the various tissues to provide them with nourishment.
  • plaster A plaster ceiling appears to fall without warning.
  • plaza With the two gripped hands high in the air struggling for mastery, the adversaries became separated a bit from the rest of the chaotic mass of friend and foe, swaying out to one side of the plaza, and under the walls of a convent.
  • plead I resolved, however, to plead for him, as well as for them, and make special endeavours to save the life of the young squaw.
  • pleased "I shall be very pleased," replied Mme.
  • pulsar
  • pulsate Then a fresh thought came to him,-one which made the blood run more quickly through his veins and caused his heart to pulsate with quite a foolish joy.
  • pulsed Far into the night dashes of flaming scarlet pulsed far beyond the head of False Creek.
  • Paled Religions, wishing to explain the origin of the world, paled and trembled before the infinite.
  • Palled He was a keen horseman; and when she was sufficiently at home in the saddle they spent long days together, riding, in pursuit of a pleasure that never palled on either: the discovery of fresh and beautiful scenery.
  • Parsed
  • Passed
  • Paused
  • Palates
  • pals
  • palls The rooms seem uncomfortably hot, the evening paper palls, it is too early to dress for dinner, so one sits yawning over the fire, longing for a fireside of one's own.
  • palisades
  • pales
  • palest
  • plashed
  • bluechip
  • unrestrict
  • co-unties