What is the correct spelling for PALETT?

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Correct spellings for PALETT

  • palate As the night was cold and the Peruvian gentleman came from the tropics, he was established in a well padded arm-chair close to the sea-coal fire, and with her own fair hands Mrs. Jasher gave him a cup of fragrant coffee, which was rendered still more agreeable to the palate by the introduction of a vanilla bean.
  • pale He turned her head a little to one side, and touched her pale lips.
  • palette At the feet of the master lie scrolls and books, also brushes, palette and hat; allusions to the talented diplomatist and statesman, as well as to the painter.
  • pallet The man on the pallet groaned.
  • palmetto I'm sure o' gettin' back by the mornin'; an' to make sartint 'bout the place, jest you squat unner the shadder o' yon big palmetto -the which I can see far enuff off to find yur wharabouts 'thout any defeequelty."
  • pellet The city gentlemen heard no more that night respecting limited liability companies, when, after giving the strictest orders that, if anybody else should come, she was to be shown into the library, Richard Pellet returned to the assembled company, and took coffee, unaware that the two gentlemen in coach-lace had thrust their tongues into their cheeks at one another, after a fashion meant to express the extreme of derision; and then, as soon as they were at liberty, went and related the affair in large text, with redundant flourishes, in the servants' hall.
  • pelt So the archdeacon commissioned me to collect the literature on the state of Egypt at the end of the seventeenth dynasty, which I have done; and to-morrow I shall go and stuff him, as my father expresses it, and then-" "And then," Mr. Bellingham interrupted, "the archdeacon will rush forth and pelt that expert with Shepherd Kings and Seqenen-Ra and the whole tag-rag and bobtail of the seventeenth dynasty.
  • plait No man is his brother's keeper when he goes to the byre to plait cows' tails.
  • plat In the nearer middle ground of the great plat of country below Patch Dam heath was set into the green of the forest like a medallion of rusty tin. To the west of it smoke began to puff above the tree-tops.
  • plate The artist draws on the plate , with a fine pencil all the traces which mark the great outlines and shades of the figures.
  • plato Of these Kleophantus is mentioned by Plato the philosopher as being an excellent horseman, but otherwise worthless.
  • platte When we arrived at North Platte , the Grand Duke invited me into his car, and there, over a few bottles of champagne, we went over all the details of the hunt.
  • platy
  • pleat
  • plot
  • pullet
  • Paled She had been watching his changing expression; herself paled by a very genuine dread.
  • Palled Indeed Nuttie had slept till nearly that time, for between excitement and noise, her London slumbers had been broken; and her endeavour to keep Micklethwayte hours had resulted in a long, weary, hungry time in the sitting-room of the hotel, with nothing to do, when the gaze from the window palled on her, but to write to her aunt and Mary Nugent.
  • Pealed The great branches of the elms groaned and cracked under fury of the wind, the thunder pealed overhead and then died away with slow majesty out towards the sea.
  • Paley I told you we were running our heads against the wall-personally, I don't see what use there is in seeing this Mr. Paley .
  • Paulette I made Paulette sit down and questioned her with a light heart.
  • palettes The objects from this tomb are now exposed in the museum at Ghizeh, and it is interesting to observe that the pottery, the slate palettes , and the flint knives are distinctly of the later type of Ballas.
  • pallets And far within the night, while the "uncunning porters" sing over their liquor or snore on their pallets , Chaucer turns and returns the leaves of Virgil or Ovid, of Dante or the "Romance of the Rose."
  • paler With two long strides he stood directly before her as she gazed with a troubled look into the fire, her face even paler than his own.
  • palest As he stared at her something suddenly brightened above them; and he looked up and saw the first sunbeam painting a chimney top with palest gold.

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