What is the correct spelling for PANCEA?

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Correct spellings for PANCEA

  • dance I'd love to hear more about the dance .
  • lance From it the lance was used to put the poor creature out of suffering.
  • pace But she continued to pace by the side of Michel Pensonneau.
  • pacer Ye'r' a born pacer !
  • panacea Only you seem so sure that the dedication will be a panacea for every wound.
  • panda It is related that when the ex-Peshwa of Poona came to Benares after the death of his father he solicited the Panda of the great temple of Viseshwar to assist him in the performance of the ceremonies necessary for the repose of his father's soul.
  • pane We could make a pane for our window from about a dozen of these.
  • panel She spoke and the panel issued its response.
  • pangaea But with their cries the Dryad-band her peers Filled up the mountains to their proudest peaks: Wailed for her fate the heights of Rhodope, And tall Pangaea , and, beloved of Mars, The land that bowed to Rhesus, Thrace no less With Hebrus' stream; and Orithyia wept, Daughter of Acte old.
  • pansy Burnett Minor always wanted to read it herself-"it" usually being one of the sublimer passages from the current number of the "Pansy Library" or an especially choice one from an office-boys' periodical.
  • pincer The shell is too large for his beak to hold it pincer -fashion, but at the entrance-the snail's doorway-he can thrust his bill in, and woe then to the miserable occupant!
  • ponce It appears on an old Spanish map dated 1502. Following the expedition of Ponce de Leon, in 1513, and of Murielo, in 1516, Narvaez headed an expedition from Cuba in 1528 with some three hundred freebooters.
  • pounce Down it came with a pounce , and looked at me full in the face.
  • prance You can't make a grand show here with horses, and let them gallop and prance about, and toss their manes.
  • prancer But we have still the cases-some plain, like this,"-he tapped a suit of plate armour-"some engine turned, like that," pointing to an inlaid suit, "some with open faces, like this yawner," he rattled his wand in the cavity of a vizorless helmet, "some hunters, like this prancer ," indicating an equestrian portrait.
  • Pawnees Further, we had concluded that it was wise to travel in larger bodies through the country of the Pawnees .
  • Pence But you haven't got any pence to give us.
  • Vance She welcomed Miss Vance with the liking they both felt for the girl, and with the sympathy which her troubled face inspired.
  • pines He sat silent for almost a minute, looking down between the great pines into the valley, and, as he did so, he vaguely felt the influence of the wilderness steal over him.
  • pans The furniture consisted of a wash-hand stand and a little deal chest of drawers, which acted as sideboard to such pots and pans and crockery as could not find room in the grate; and besides the bed there was nothing but two kitchen chairs and a lamp.
  • PACES Stas stopped the King at the distance of one hundred paces and began to gaze at them.
  • panaceas Whether the panaceas have been all wise or profitable may be questioned.
  • panes Are window panes kept clean?
  • pones Add half a cup melted lard, then mix with sweet milk to a fairly stiff dough, make pones , and bake crisp.
  • dis-pleasures

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