What is the correct spelling for PANRY?

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Correct spellings for PANRY

  • canary From the 8th to the 11th we had on board a canary bird, which we treated with the greatest care and kindness, but which nevertheless quitted us, probably for a certain death.
  • nary See here: the British they found out a flaw In Cap'n Wilkes's readin' o' the law: (They make all laws, you know, an' so, o' course, It's nateral they should understan' their force:) 100 He'd oughto ha' took the vessel into port, An' hed her sot on by a reg'lar court; She was a mail-ship, an' a steamer, tu, An' thet, they say, hez changed the pint o' view, Coz the old practice, bein' meant for sails, Ef tried upon a steamer, kind o' fails; You may take out despatches, but you mus'n't Take nary man-
  • pan If the weather is very cold, set the pan near the fire, for a few minutes, to soften the butter, but do not allow it to melt or it will be heavy.
  • pane We have not even a broken pane of glass or a scratch.
  • pang A pang shot through Mr. Aubrey's heart; but he felt that he had, for the present, succeeded in his object.
  • pansy Pansy was thinking of her mother's poverty.
  • pant Pant became truly alarmed.
  • pantry From the pantry a narrow, dark passage leads down a couple of steps into a lumber-room, which opens on the courtyard.
  • papery We occasionally saw pieces of a white soft papery cloth, apparently similar to the tapa of Polynesia, and like it made of the inner bark of some small tree, but it did not appear to be applied to much use.
  • para 5. Importation of negro slaves, 1502; slave trade; the Companhia do Grao Para ; slave codes.
  • pare And all external worship and form have so strong a tendency to usurp more than belongs to them, and to drag us down to their own level, even whilst we think that we are praying, that I believe the wisest man will try to pare down the externals of his worship to the lowest possible point.
  • parr He kept school there, I was his first scholar; he flogged Greek into me till I loved him-and he loved me: he came to see me last year, and sat in that chair; I honour Parr -he knows much, and is a sound man.
  • parry Thus, by a thrust and a parry , the most serious matters are disclosed: and the most illustrious personages are attacked by their enemies, and defended by their friends.
  • peary The party that stayed at Crane City until March 1, consisted of Commander Peary , MacMillan, Goodsell, Marvin, myself, and fourteen Esquimos, whom you don't know, and ninety-eight dogs, that you may have heard about.
  • penny Now, Mis' Penny , where do you s'pose, where do you s'pose that child is?"
  • penury To her listening ear he told the story of the arrogance of nobles, of the pride of kings, and of the oppression by which he deemed himself unjustly doomed to a life of penury and toil.
  • perry Deaf to this unanswerable reason for the absence of friends, Mr. Speedwell insisted on sending Perry out to search among the persons who composed the crowd.
  • pinny
  • pony
  • pry
  • puny
  • Piney He had forgotten what a fine land the Piney was: plenty of food, no miners to spoil the streams, no hunters to keep an eye on, and no mosquitoes or flies, but plenty of open, sunny glades and sheltering woods, backed up by high, straight cliffs to turn the colder winds.
  • pans Grease patty pans or cups; sprinkle with crumbs, and fill with mixture.

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