What is the correct spelling for PATNER?

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Correct spellings for PATNER

  • paine Probably next to Paine 's works, it had in England during the second quarter of this century the widest circulation of any anti-theological book, this circulation extending through the manufacturing ranks.
  • pained She would have been startled and pained if she could have seen his face now, as he rode from Manninglea after luncheon at the club.
  • painter I learned that he is a better painter and a greater man than people over here know.
  • pander She gave her favours to the first comer, and everyone was welcome; she wandered carelessly through the world, but chiefly she loved an island in the north; and in its capital she has her palace, and the inhabitants of the isle have given themselves over, body and soul, to her domination; they pander and lie and cheat, and forswear themselves; to gain her smile they will shrink from no base deed, no meanness; and she, too, makes women widows and children orphans....
  • pane Isn't it odd," she mused, standing at the window and tapping gently upon the pane , "that for all one can see, that dear old thing in the blue bonnet, crossing the road with her basket on her arm, has never heard that there was such a person?
  • pannier Then presently she saw Freyo with a heavy pannier strapped upon his back; but not one bit of oak or walnut wood had he.
  • pardner "Thar ain't agoin' to be no pardner business about this," he announced.
  • pardoner Pull me down the Pardoner with an evil hap!
  • partner I think I should have a partner .
  • pate What was yesterday a polished head was now a shrivelled pate , as though the very skull had shrunk and left the skin to ripple into wrinkles and sit loose and puckered.
  • patent 12. What do most patent medicines contain?
  • patina Old plaster has a texture and patina that modern stucco cannot simulate, so preserve it if possible.
  • patter Instinctively he reverted to the dialect that had been his own, and that was being used by everybody about him; but now one might say that he really had two languages-his rough patter for the yard and the fields, and his carefully-measured phrasing for the home, office, and upper circles.
  • pattern It is those who give themselves to the world's need who come nearest to the divine pattern Christ has set for us to copy, and, if we truly love him, we shall want not his gifts but himself.
  • pawnee We were in the Pawnee country.
  • peter Peter Junior-what are you doing?
  • pinter Pinter had practical experience and a line clear of graves, and he made good time.
  • planer One contained a small composing stone, a cleaning brush, a composing stick, a pair of narrow-pointed pliers, a mallet and planer .
  • planner John Brown was no felon, no malicious invader, but a philanthropic planner to strip the chains of slavery from four millions of his brother men; and his step, though a seeming evil then, led directly on to the emancipation of all for whose good he went forth in seeming malice.
  • potter Buried Jockaminshaw Butler, wife of James Butler, potter , in Bishopsgate Street.
  • punter On examining the face of the punter who had made these ravages I guessed the game.
  • putter But it was one of those bits of verse upon which he loved to putter , and he was loath to put it into type beyond the reach of occasional revision.
  • tanner A gentleman of the name of Foxall, assured me, that the head of his family resided upon the spot, now No. 101, in Digbeth, about four hundred years ago, in the capacity of a tanner .
  • Darner You wrote to Miss Darner , and told her Rem purposely kept a letter, which you had sent to Lord Hyde," "I did not write to Miss Damer.
  • Panned Ain't you come here to get me to take back that stuffed doll you panned off on me?
  • Patine
  • Pawned They'll turn me out of here to-morrow; I haven't paid my last week's board, and I haven't got anything to give them; my bag's empty; I've pawned everything."
  • Payne Still to behold the obiect of theyr payne: with no contentment can themselues suffize, but hauing pine, and hauing not complayne For lacking it, they cannot lyfe sustayne, – Sonnet LXXXIII by Edmund Spenser
  • partners
  • patters The cool air was grateful, and with a sigh of relief he drew a cigar from his pocket and lighted it slowly, From beneath the trees came little patters of conversation, and the red lights of cigarettes and the glint of white gowns enlivened the darkness.
  • pates "Make more fine flour, old man," said he to the miller; "pates are the thing now."
  • Patel What M. Patel could see in it I can't say."
  • co-produced In 2013 Carter also co-produced Acoustic Covers Vol 2 by West End actor and singer Ben Forster.
  • deskest

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