What is the correct spelling for PATORL?

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Correct spellings for PATORL

  • atoll What is an atoll ?
  • pail He went past them without a sign of understanding, set the water pail down in its proper place upon a bench inside the kitchen door, tilted his hat to Val, who happened to be looking toward him at that moment, and went out again.
  • pal "And I remember you too, pal .
  • pall The blackness lay like a pall upon the deep, and upon my soul.
  • pallor A pallor crept over the Elder's face, and without a word further he took his hat from a hook in the corner of the room, paused, and then carefully arranged the papers he had pushed aside at their entrance and placing them in his desk, turned the key, still without a word.
  • parlor He spoke about your coming, and said he'd want the use of the parlor this evening, for the wedding.
  • parole There are some men wha brak the prophet's command-"Rejoice not over thy greatest enemy being dead, but remember that we die all;" but I can safely and upon my honour and parole say, that my parent shewed nae greater signs o' happiness on the death o' an enemy than he did on the death o' a friend.
  • part What do you want in this part of the ship?
  • partly He seemed very much at Denham's mercy, and Denham could not help liking him, partly on that account.
  • pastel Many delightful sketches and water-colour drawings ornamented the walls and a delicate pastel study of Dovelands Cottage hung above the famous clock on the mantelpiece.
  • pat And, Pat , say as you love me, how long have you been out here?
  • pate Jack looked a little uneasy, but he showed up on schedule and delivered Soth to us with rain droplets on his massive bald pate , just ten minutes after the conference convened.
  • patella A nurse was telling me a story that had been told her: the doctors heard a great scream, went out to see what had happened; an old woman had fallen and dislocated her patella ; she would not allow any one to touch her, and they sent off for a funny old woman whom they looked upon as a witch.
  • paternal I have no doubt, that the affair will finish off with a dance; however I exercised my paternal authority, and strictly enjoined them to come home before evening.
  • patois A lumbering peasant, with a blouse, sabots, and a striped nightcap, replied in some unknown patois ; when the courier again said- "Well, then, take the diligence horses; I must get on at all events; they are not so presse, I'll be bound; besides it will save the gens-d'armes some miles of a ride if they overtake them here."
  • patrol Possibly he would never have done so, had not an accident sent him out to sea on patrol service.
  • patter It was followed by the swift patter of little feet.
  • paul Instantly all the hooded men but the one who had spoken, with loud cries, threw themselves forward on Campbell and Paul Ennis.
  • pawl 1571 and 1572 the gear segment K operates a pinion upon the squared end of the feed rod L, this pinion L having the usual pawl and ratchet for reversing the direction of rod revolution.
  • payroll "And here's the reason why you'll meet the payroll for us," and I handed him our statement.
  • pearl Long blue shadows stretched over the pearl -gray sea.
  • petal In some of the genera, the upper part of the plant expands into leaf-like-or petal -like, bodies, which are highly colored and resemble flowers.
  • petrel He disappears as does the storm petrel when the sea is quiet.
  • petrol I fancied it came from a funeral pyre; we certainly smelled tar and petrol .
  • pistol There seemed nothing for it but to stand firm and trust to his pistol .
  • plato "You talk of Plato one day, and Virgil another day, and you always tell us how great they were; but if they were really great they would not be dirty, and this room was horrid and dirty, father.
  • pol "Cousin Molly, you remind me of the beautiful Jehane de Saint-Pol.
  • poll Well, I'm glad it was only Poll parrots!
  • pool They emanated from his master, like circlets round a stone thrown into a pool .
  • poorly The first corner which he approached was occupied by a small, weather-beaten, one-story frame house, setting slightly back in a yard poorly kept, wherein a few straggling rose bushes strove for existence.
  • port "Take a glass of port , my lad," the old doctor said.
  • portal The old man knocked at the portal .
  • portly The doctor was a portly gentleman in a suit of black, with strings at his knees, and stockings below them.
  • purl And, as a matter of fact, happening to stop at the Ostermaiers' that evening to show Mrs. Ostermaier how to purl , I found that dear Tish, remembering the anniversary of his first sermon to us, had presented Mr. Ostermaier with a handsome watch.
  • toil We go and toil away and catch fish if we can, but we don't know what we are to get for them until the time of settlement.
  • toll Although disagreeable in the extreme, this did not matter so very much as long as the weather was cool and dry, but later, under the summer sun and the then frequent thunder showers, fever began to take its toll .
  • tool He has always been the tool of anyone who would make use of him.
  • PTO
  • Perl So that though Erter, Letteris, Krochmal, Goldenberg, Mieses, Rapoport, Perl , and Schorr exerted a great influence in Russia, their own country remained unaffected.
  • Patel "Listen, Madame Patel , listen Olivie-you were like a daughter to him, I know it, he told me.

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