What is the correct spelling for PAU?

If you find yourself misspelling "pau", worry not! The correct suggestions might be "paw" or "pow". These options maintain the similar pronunciation but provide the accurate spelling. So, next time you're typing "pau", consider choosing one of these alternatives to ensure your words are spelled correctly!

Correct spellings for PAU

  • au The element gold (Au) is known for its bright and shiny appearance.
  • pac
  • pad
  • Pah
  • pal I love hanging out with my pal, he always makes me laugh.
  • Pam Pam likes to read books in her spare time.
  • pan I need a sturdy pan to cook this steak in.
  • pap I was craving a pap smear for my yearly check-up.
  • par He sank the ball into the hole with a single par.
  • pas
  • pat She gave her dog a pat on the head as she left for work.
  • paul Paul is my neighbor who always helps me with my groceries.
  • paw The dog lifted its paw, waiting for its owner to give it a treat.
  • pay I always try to pay my bills on time to avoid late fees.
  • pu
  • tau My professor is an expert in the field of tau pathology in Alzheimer's Disease research.