What is the correct spelling for PEALT?

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Correct spellings for PEALT

  • alt English notions, however, are not to be accepted in all matters, any more than the flat declaration of a fact will develop it in alt its bearings.
  • pal "W.B. has put out an all-points alert for you, pal .
  • palate Such giant oysters are not so inviting to the palate as those found on our own shores, but they are cooked and eaten both by the natives and by European residents.
  • pale Mr. Lynnton, was a smaller man, and somewhat younger, though his pale face had a sad expression, as though he had come through much trouble.
  • pall Except in the case of young women, carriages are not sent to bring pall -bearers to the house.
  • pallet Then she kissed me good night and I climbed to my pallet under the thatch.
  • part 16,338. Of course it is just as they like, but are they not expected to get a part of their supplies in the shop?
  • pat Pat and I were talking about them.
  • peal There is a flash and a peal of thunder.
  • pearl In the white ungloved hand which held her veil together, she carried a small fan with a mother of pearl handle.
  • pearly Her eyes grew shadowed, and the nervous strain left bloodshot markings in the pearly whiteness of her eyes.
  • peat Peat may be mentioned as another natural fuel.
  • peaty After a long ascent through a region of light, peaty soil, wooded with pine, cryptomeria, and scrub oak, a long descent and a fine avenue terminate in Shinjo, a wretched town of over 5000 people, situated in a plain of rice- fields.
  • pedal He had sort of a soothing, easy way of talking, too, like a church organ with the soft pedal on.
  • peel You keep stirring and stirring; but you don't crush the piece of lemon-peel with your spoon and squeeze out the juice.
  • pellet But one pellet turned out to be not enough.
  • pelt A hum, however, from Hans Van Pelt had always more weight with the public than a speech from another man.
  • penalty Here He lies that surrendered Himself to the punishment of Sin and the penalty of Death-for all men and all time.
  • pert You have no idea how pert and headstrong the child is becoming.
  • pet The sisters were disposed to pet him.
  • petal No fruit or blossom or petal blown Was there to gladden mournful eyes, But all was drab and monotone Beneath a reign of leaden skies.
  • pilot Any ordinary pilot would not do.
  • plait She was engrossed in a fold of her dress which did not hang properly, when he stood before her and said, "What a beautiful plait you have."
  • plat No squire could be persuaded into the belief that his mother-stone was pregnant with minerals; no farmer talked into weaving straw-plat into a proprietary association.
  • plate Then Gordon raised his eyes from his plate and glanced at his host.
  • plato "An article on Plato .
  • platy
  • plead I'll beg and i'll plead I will suffer and bleed – Best Woman Wins by Dolly Parton
  • pleat Though heavy household tasks were pitiless, No little waist or coat or checkered dress But knew her needle's deftness; and no skill Matched hers in shaping pleat or flounce or frill; Or fashioning, in complicate design, All rich embroideries of leaf and vine, With tiniest twining tendril,-bud and bloom And fruit, so like, one's fancy caught perfume And dainty touch and taste of them, to see Their semblance wrought in such rare verity.
  • plot Hearken to my plot; Soon we'll retreat to a sweet spot! – On A Desert Island With Thee by Unknown Author
  • Dealt Course something had to be dealt out. Whence iron's dug, and copper's dealt; Look right, look left, look straight before,--- Beneath they mine, above they smelt, Copper-ore and iron-ore, – Flight Of The Duchess, The by Robert Browning
  • Paled
  • Pealed She pealed with laughter, her companion regarding her with tense lips.
  • Pele Any one wishing to form an idea of the confusion that ensued, of the intrigues and expedients resorted to, not only in procuring prominent places, but also in ensuring the integrity of the Pele Mele, should glance over the amusing memoirs of M. de Segur.
  • Peale Baltimore has a handsome museum, superintended by one of the Peale family, well known for their devotion to natural science, and to works of art.
  • Perl
  • pelts Say, you keep them black pelts snug away wi' other stuff o' value."
  • pearled Pearled wheat, pearled barley, and coarse hominy require five cupfuls of water to each cup of cereal, and need from four to six hours' cooking.
  • Pilate
  • peals
  • ex-temporized

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