What is the correct spelling for PEAPEAT?

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Correct spellings for PEAPEAT

  • capet Had John inherited the great qualities of his father, of Henry Beauclerc, or of the Conqueror, nay, had he even possessed the martial courage of Stephen or of Richard, and had the King of France at the same time been as incapable as all the other successors of Hugh Capet had been, the House of Plantagenet must have risen to unrivalled ascendancy in Europe.
  • heaped At that gate yesterday I heard a dozen words-twenty or thirty, perhaps-that were of more value to me than Pactolus in full flood or all the money heaped up in Aladdin's cave.
  • papa Here, papa , what's this? Call your papa Call the preacher Hold on hold on Call your mama – It's your life by Lenny Kravitz
  • papal They repudiated the papal supremacy, and adopted articles of religion sufficiently evangelical in form, but they retained episcopacy, the liturgy, and the surplice; the cross was still used in baptism, the people bowed at the name of Jesus, and knelt at the communion.
  • paper 12mo, paper , 50 cents; cloth, $1.25. "A collection of inimitable tales. Boyz in da hood never hesitate to pull a way from bathroom money we treat dough like it's toilet paper Blow good kush stay high like skyscapers Independent ballin baby we don't even need a maker – Paper by Gorilla Zoe
  • papers "I have been reading about you in the papers ," said Pinto. pull out my papers then inhale the vapors – I Wanna Smoke by modjo
  • papery mm. Lenticels inconspicuous; pith greenish; bark not separable into papery layers; buds narrow-conical.
  • papist You're a Papist , Sarah!"
  • parapet And, as he did so, there looked over the parapet six feet above him, at the top of the trellis up which presently he would ascend, another resolute little head and blunt-spired cars, and a soft indescribable voice spoke a gentle insult.
  • peaked An Arab rode up, lean, walnut-coloured; slipped off his high-peaked red saddle, hobbled his mule, and lay down under the tree.
  • peanut Someone threw him a peanut and he flung it back and hit an old gentleman in the eye.
  • peat A stove, made hot with a peat fire, was to heat the irons.
  • peeper There's another peeper over on your side.
  • pellet Lecoq's sole response was to lay the pellet of bread upon M. Segmuller's desk.
  • pepper The dose is 2 grams of the juice of the fresh root mixed with pepper which also acts as a carminative and stomachic.
  • permeate The idea of the spirit conquering material obstacles, a longing for the unattainable, the exceptional in life and nature, to the extent even of continued sensibility after death, are phases of thought that permeate every line, and may be found in two of Gautier's stories translated by Hearn, and in several of Baudelaire's poems.
  • peseta He usually furnishes all material, and receives a peseta for each pipe, but the pueblo furnishes the food.
  • piaget
  • pipette
  • pipit Daines Barrington placed three young linnets with three different foster-parents, the skylark, the woodlark, and the titlark or meadow-pipit, and each adopted, through imitation, the song of its foster-parent."
  • pleat Put a cloth under a double towel, hold 3 ends together, fold them in a foot-broad pleat , and lay it smooth.
  • poppet
  • pupate After the last moult they ascend the trees, remain feeding for a short while, then go down to the ground to pupate .
  • puppet
  • repeat
  • teapot However, I only said, "Thank you," and followed him in to where his wife, a nice-looking woman, with black hair and olive face, was seated behind the teapot .
  • Leaped My heart again leaped with joy.
  • Pealed Presently the chimes from a hidden church tower pealed forth their sweet message to the world.
  • Peeped When he had pulled it down over the end of his nose, and peeped through it, like an owl out of an ivy-bush, he might be supposed to part with it voluntarily, and not because he was laughed at.
  • Pipped He was pipped twice."
  • Piped
  • Pitapat And then she added, with a laugh, that he ought to be tied up, "for you are a cruel handsome man, Frank, and my heart goes pitapat at the very sight of you!"
  • Reaped
  • Pooped
  • Popped
  • Pupped She was pupped on the sixteenth of last October, grandmother's birthday, of all the days in the year, said Tom, somewhat comforted by his visiter's evident sympathy.
  • PAPAS "I daresay you have seen your papa play at that game; but children must not always do the same as their papas.
  • peppiest
  • pepped
  • co-exist Clonus tends to co-exist with spasticity in many cases of stroke and spinal cord injury likely due to their common physiological origins.

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