What is the correct spelling for PEETA?

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Correct spellings for PEETA

  • eta Why, at Siwash, where I was lap-welded into the Eta Bita Pies, any fraternity which initiated a candidate and left enough of him to appear in chapel the next morning was the joke of the school.
  • pat It was easy to say-easy even for my father to pat me on the back and speak diffidently, as he looked the other way, of his confidence in me.
  • pate One of you has a cracked pate already, and the other's so podgy that half a punch would put him out of action; so you wouldn't have a dog's chance at what I see you're thinking about.
  • pea The food supply, as will be seen by the following list, was mostly pemmican: Eight hundred and five pounds of beef pemmican, one hundred and thirty pounds of walrus pemmican, fifty pounds of musk ox tenderloin, twenty-five pounds of musk ox tallow, two pounds of tea, one pound of coffee, twenty-five pounds of sugar, forty pounds of condensed milk, sixty pounds of milk biscuit, ten pounds of pea soup powdered and compressed, fifty pounds of surprises, forty pounds petroleum, two pounds of wood alcohol, three pounds of candles and one pound of matches.
  • peat When scattered through the earth peat has a very different use.
  • peaty Others again are light and porous, and remain so on drying; these contain intermixed vegetable matter that is but little advanced in the peaty decomposition.
  • peer "Why," she asked in a broken voice, "do Gebhr and Chamis walk around the tree and peer at me?"
  • pelt I am not liable to pelt you with stones, or rob you; but the danger lies in the likelihood of our becoming friends.
  • pent All the pent -up and natural enthusiasm of years was fairly bubbling to her lips; all the long-suppressed necessity of speech with one of her own kind who was not of her own kin.
  • pert Bella, who had never quite recovered from the shock of the scene when her aunt had beaten her so unmercifully, had an anxious time trying to stave off quarrels between them, and soften harsh words and pert answers, which might lead to them.
  • peseta I hesitated a little, rather awkwardly, for the guide-book said that the porter exacted a fee of one peseta for opening the chapel-one could scarcely offer sevenpence-halfpenny to a duke.
  • pest The bugs are a pest this spring.
  • pet Their fans went wild with delight and their chorus sang or rather shouted gleefully their pet song, beginning, Hail the sophomores, gallant band!
  • petal Each guest was asked to pull a petal from the daisy, and in so doing drew from the basket a tiny doll dressed like a "rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, doctor, lawyer, merchant or chief."
  • peter Peter, I had hoped you were too young.
  • petty Whatever hunger, disappointment, or petty quarrel happened during the week it was forgotten on Sunday.
  • pewter There was a great display of pewter dishes and wooden cups, and plenty of food and liquor was on the table.
  • piety He did really love her piety , too, for its own sake.
  • pit And if all good things came to us easily and at once, we should not become aware of the horrible pit , our rescue from which demands gratitude.
  • pita She brought also several other articles-a lasso, some cords of the pita , and a couple of knives.
  • pitta It was a pitta , a kind of ground thrush.
  • pleat Whence the mysterious power sprang she did not exactly know, but she surmised-rightly-that it was connected with her youth, with a dimple, with the incredibly soft down on her cheek, with the arch softness of her glance, with a gesture of the hand, with a turn of the shoulder, with a pleat of the skirt....
  • poet So passed the evening until all have retired to rest, and the Poet is alone, when he takes out Hallam's last-written letters- "those fall'n leaves which kept their green, The noble letters of the dead."
  • pt Reprinted with some particulars in the Browning Society's Papers, pt .
  • ptah Here was something that even the maxims of Ptah -hotep had not attained.
  • put And he said unto them, He put clay upon mine eyes, and I washed, and do see.
  • PTO
  • Petra These two personages were here enshrined in a temple, or Petra : and worshipped under the symbol of a serpent.
  • Pete For he has got a good place, and good prospects-and here is money to take me out, and my mother and sisters, too-all except fifteen pounds, Pete says, and that he'll send in three months' time.
  • Pets When I'm in the right position I can note how she fondles you, pets you like a parrot with her finger-tip, blows a pinch of dust from your eye with her softest breath, holds you off at arm's length and fixes you with her spider look, actually holds you against her cheek-her rose-tinted cheek-before she releases you!
  • PTA Eu pat fill up, crowd; Dak in pta-ya together.
  • pot Pot pippins, brew rasberry wine, and candy orange chips.

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