What is the correct spelling for PEITE?

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Correct spellings for PEITE

  • paiute Benton, New Hampshire Benton, New York Benton, Ohio Benton, Pennsylvania (disambiguation) Benton, Tennessee Benton, Wisconsin Benton (town), Wisconsin Benton Charter Township, Michigan Benton Crossing, California Benton Harbor, Michigan Benton Hot Springs, California (ghost town) Benton Ridge, Ohio Fort Benton, Montana Lake Benton, Minnesota Utu Utu Gwaitu Paiute Tribe of the Benton Paiute Reservation, California
  • pat The boys want to pat him on the back.... If you know her, you're standing pat, Got her worryin' where you're at. – Keep It To Yourself (1930) by lonnie johnson
  • pate A multitude of the curious surrounded them, resolved to see the show out, though it should cost them a cracked pate or two.
  • peat Danish Peat and Shell-mounds.
  • peaty This is one of the reasons for the beneficial effects produced by lime when applied to peaty soils.
  • pei In 474, when Xiao Daocheng's mansion was being ransacked by pillagers during the rebellion of Emperor Houfei's uncle Liu Xiufan (劉休範) the Prince of Guiyang, Xiao Zhangmao and his brother Xiao Ziliang (蕭子良) took Wang Baoming, Xiao Zhangmao's mother Pei Huizhao (裴惠昭), and Lady Yu, the wife of Xiao Zhangmao's uncle Xiao Ni and took refuge in the house of Wang Baoming's Wang Bing (王昺), and did not leave until Liu Xiufans rebellion had been suppressed by Xiao Daocheng.
  • pelt Much of the enemy's supply of Terran thermoconcentrate had been destroyed, but enough remained to pelt the Reservation and the Company buildings with incendiaries, when a second and more severe air-attack developed, consisting of forty or fifty makeshift lorry-bombers and fifteen aircars.
  • pent And suddenly big John Durand clenched his hands, and his face became terrible with his pent -up rage.
  • pert The grave officer could not refrain a smile at the pert , yet not ungraceful, boldness of the boy.
  • pest Ordinarily the abnormal increase of any insect is promptly followed by an increase in the number of its enemies; the pest is killed off, the destroyers die of starvation and nature's balance is struck.
  • pester W'at make him pester t'er folks doin's?
  • pet You would pet him, and spoil him, and mother him to perfection.
  • peter Peter was good as gone when he got here.
  • petite Save for fear upon her, she was the same Ruth I had known three years before; wide, deep blue eyes that were now all seriousness, now sparkling wells of mischief; petite , rounded and tender; the fairest skin; an impudent little nose; shining clusters of intractable curls; all human, sparkling and sweet.
  • petty
  • pewit
  • pewter
  • peyote
  • pie
  • piece
  • pied
  • piety
  • piste
  • pit
  • pita
  • pitt
  • pitta
  • pity
  • poet
  • poitier
  • polite
  • pt
  • put
  • pyrite
  • retie
  • spite
  • Petted The dusk was falling, and the snow beginning to lie thick, as he entered the dark gorge of the Clough; but to him darkness and light were alike, and as for the snow, it was more than a transformation-scene is to the petted child of a jaded civilization.
  • PTO
  • Pete Pete had roared in righteous fury.
  • Pets Well, if ye want pets, ha'n't ye had enough of 'em.
  • pits
  • PTA
  • pettier
  • pot

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