What is the correct spelling for PEOPLESITTING?

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Correct spellings for PEOPLESITTING

  • enlisting One, perhaps, went to the United States or Canada in the height of the labourers' agitation some years ago, when agents were busy enlisting recruits for the Far West.
  • palestine The Eastern Question originally grew out of a quarrel between France and Russia concerning the possession of certain holy places in Palestine ; both the Latin and the Greek Church wanted to control them.
  • palpitating I had given the strictest private instructions; and dropping speechless into the dinghy, a palpitating mixture of heat, anxiety, and rapture, was rowed as fast as two strong men could row me to the brig and the waiting skipper.
  • pelting They shot forward through the pelting rain at a terrific pace.
  • perplexing That gentleman insisted on making the journey with the perturbed professor, and the two set out together But on arriving they found only the family, and the situation grew more and more perplexing .
  • persisting The earth was awake and palpitating with life, the low, indefatigable life of creeping things and vegetation persisting even in this waste of rock and sand.
  • pleating Silent, absent-minded, looking closely at a burn upon her smooth arm or pleating her checked apron, Cherry would sit opposite him at his late lunch.
  • posting Instead is seen a woman stern and determined, brushing aside concessions and half-measures with undisguised scorn, leaving without a sigh the luxuries in which from her cradle she had been lapped, and in which she had shown an artistic and sensuous delight, posting over land and sea, regardless of comfort, of health, of life itself, to bring succour to her husband.
  • protesting He was dragged away by main force, protesting against this hindrance to his salvation.
  • pulsating Yesterday I got my system similarly defined in an examination-book, by a student whom I appear to have converted to the view that "the Universe is a vague pulsating mass of next-to-next movement, always feeling its way along to a good purpose, or trying to."
  • shoplifting "If you took a flivver, that wouldn't be stealing," Connie said; "it would be shoplifting ."
  • splitting Even in such matters as the splitting of hard rock and the driving of massive piles into the river-bed, the higher intelligence of the man of intellect had its effect.
  • upsetting "What possible excuse have you," he went on, "for going out to my house early in the morning and upsetting Helen's mother when I wasn't there?"
  • Depleting And that had meant an enforced increase in the cultivation of the remaining soil, which destroyed the habitats of other animals, besides depleting the soil itself.
  • Depositing "I hope you will like it," Stella remarks, with emphasis, depositing the voluminous gift upon the school-room table.
  • Molesting Finding that we had no intention of molesting him, he took things leisurely.
  • Perpetrating How far do you suppose she would go to the perpetrating of a downright crime?"
  • Perpetuating It is by absolutely perpetuating those habits, whose pretext has disappeared, that one sees the achievement of certain actions which have been roughly handled by common sense.
  • Perplexities This was, to him, the final triumph of existence-to have it in his hand, to roll it round and round, to bang it down upon the floor and watch it jump, this was the reason why one was here, this the solution of all perplexities.
  • Plaiting Even the children were quiet in the shade, covering their heads with the long green blades of the maize, plaiting the tassels idly and humming the chant of the Green Corn Festival they had celebrated some weeks before.
  • Platting There is now hope of delivery from it, if ye will take it home unto you; but if ye will still continue in the ways of sin, without returning, know this, that ye are but multiplying those curses, platting many cords of your iniquities, to bind you in everlasting chains.
  • Plotting Stephen Davenant need not have been so uneasy; Jack was not plotting against him, nor was the old man making a will in the Savage's favor.
  • Policing Making religion an auxiliary to moral policing is not a means of establishing its empire over souls.
  • Polluting If all could be made to realize the price of our Liberty, political asperity and party spirit would hide their polluting forms under the mantle of shame and retire to the peaceful shades of oblivion.
  • Positing
  • Populating
  • Poulticing
  • Proselyting
  • Typesetting The tribal names Lok, Lak and Dak, although possible typesetting errors, remain as printed.
  • peoples
  • presetting
  • blind-spot
  • un-pleasurable

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