What is the correct spelling for PERSOL?

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Correct spellings for PERSOL

  • parasol I broke my parasol over his head, but it wasn't half enough; I want you to give it to him good."
  • parcel It must be distinguished from the indirect Latin introduced as part and parcel of the Anglo-Norman.
  • parsley You would not find a leaf of parsley or an end of string to tell you where one had been.
  • parson Well, said the parson , after some consideration, if you ask me, I don't think he is.
  • peal The bells of the churches rang a joyful peal .
  • pearl The pearl , in rows, Pale lustre throws; The wealth immense, which storms devour.
  • peel You must peel the potatoes now, twins, it's time to get supper.
  • pergola They stood clinched there in the dull Sunset Glow, with a Pergola for a Background.
  • peril The country is in peril , deadly peril ; and every Englishman is bound to act as if he were an officer."
  • person Sturgiss has been telling me what a wonderful person you are.
  • persona , which her "Bloody Mary" persona often gathered and assembled into improvised battle-armor).
  • personal Then Ireland vanished utterly, for it had been mixed, Mother now perceived, with personal longings that were at bottom selfish.
  • personnel At present our naval forces are wearing down their personnel and material in an attempted combination of escorting single ships, when they can be picked up, and also of attempting to seek and offensively engage an enemy whose object is to avoid such encounters.
  • perusal Had he not named her, Carinthia, Saint and Martyr, from a first perusal of her face?
  • peso Currency: new Uruguayan peso (plural-pesos); 1 new Uruguayan peso (N$Ur) = 100 centesimos
  • pestle And when it had covered the face of the earth, it appeared in the wilderness small, and as it were beaten with a pestle , like unto the hoar frost on the ground.
  • pistol
  • pol The tokens were certainly somewhat strong; but the young gentleman's birth being equal to yours, after the spectacle you have presented, your uncle of St. Pol , and I myself, must do our utmost to obtain the consent of the Duke of Burgundy.
  • pool
  • prole
  • prowl
  • purl
  • resole
  • sol
  • Peas These foresayde vertues with charite and peas.
  • Perl However, the Cocoa programming environment can be accessed using other tools, such as Clozure CL, LispWorks, Object Pascal, Python, Perl , Ruby, and AppleScript with the aid of bridge mechanisms such as PasCocoa, PyObjC, CamelBones, RubyCocoa, and a D/Objective-C Bridge.
  • Piers
  • Pears She bestowed fat pears neatly, head by tail, and among them ripe shamefaced peaches.
  • Pearson Pearson he had not seen since the latter's call.
  • pews
  • peers His peers were at the Holy War, his enemy on a throne.
  • PARS Si seisinam habeat Per sex septimanas Tunc mandare placeat Q'd transire lanas Gens anglor' faciat Et sic causas vanas Pars utraq; deleat Res collando sanas
  • ESL With mibrs exit, the two time defending champions of ESL One Cologne was out of the tournament.
  • PEES In this yere, abougte Alhalwen tyme, the kyng with the quene, with other barons and lordes, seyled over the see to the kyng of Fraunce, and dwelled there half yere and more with gret honoure and love, so that he hadde no wil homward; but he was thretned be the co'e counsaill of Engelond that but if he come home here sounne they wolde chesyn them a newe kyng: and there was gret discord, and a rysynge betwen Edward the kynges sone and Richard thanne erle of Worcestre,[8] so that all Engelond was meved to werre; for whiche, a lytel before Whitsonday the kyng come into Engelond, an cam into London, and lay in the bysshopes palys of London besyde Poules, unto the tyme that pees was stablisched thorough alle Engelond.
  • PESOS Another year passed, bringing another good crop, and for this reason the friars raised the rent to fifty pesos, which Tales paid in order not to quarrel and because he expected to sell his sugar at a good price.
  • passel I'm a old man, and when I married Laurelly and took the keepin' o' her passel o' chaps on my back, I aimed to make it pay.

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