What is the correct spelling for PESTE?

If you've mistakenly spelled "peste" instead of "paste", fret not, as there are simple ways to rectify the error. Some possible correct suggestions include "paste", "pestle" or "pace". These alternatives make sense in different contexts, from copy-pasting text to grinding spices or adjusting one's tempo.

Correct spellings for PESTE

  • past I have past that point.
  • pasta I'm going to make us some pasta for dinner.
  • paste He used a strong adhesive paste to fix the broken vase.
  • pasty The baker handed me a delicious pasty filled with meat and vegetables.
  • peseta In Spain, the peseta was used as the currency before the adoption of the euro.
  • pest I thought I spotted a rat in my room, but it turned out to be a pest.
  • pester My little sister would always pester me to play with her even when I was busy.
  • pestle The pharmacist used a mortar and pestle to crush the medication into a fine powder.
  • PESTO She added pesto to her pasta.
  • pests The garden was overrun with pests, and the vegetables weren't growing properly.
  • Pete I went to see Pete, but he wasn't home.
  • piste I found a great skiing piste near the house.
  • post After I finish writing this post, I need to proofread it one more time.
  • poster The local movie theater is hosting a poster contest.
  • postie I always catch the postie leaving early in the morning.
  • PSST Hey, PSST. Did you hear about the new party at the bar?
  • pst "Pst, don't forget to turn in your homework before leaving."