What is the correct spelling for PIEORD?

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Correct spellings for PIEORD

  • dior
  • pear We fell into a conversation about blossom and the setting of fruit, kneeling together upon my window-seat and looking up into the pear tree against the sky, and then down through its black branches into the gardens all quickening with spring.
  • peer She hesitated and listened, her fancies stimulated by his suggestion of storm-driven animals, and sought to peer into the dark.
  • pert Let go the young gentleman, wife-let him go: for his sake the pert thing shall be spared this once.
  • pet Well, here was Gloria's pet .
  • petard Of course Sir John refused, and Sir William proceeded to fix a petard to the gate, to blow it in.
  • peter Of course I shall have Peter !
  • pie How could I prudence thus have cast aside And now my stomach fill with humble pie ?
  • pied "I'm called the Pied Piper," he began.
  • pier Scotty was already on his way up the pier .
  • pierced The thrust pierced her to the quick.
  • pierre He had known Pierre for years, and had always been as friendly as his selfish, cruel nature would permit.
  • pierrot And sentimental man, awakened to this disastrous view of things, endures shrewder pangs of rivalry in the contemplation of his usurping posterity than if, as do they, he looked forward to a tricked, perfumed, pommaded whipster, pirouetting like any Pierrot -the enviable image of the one who realized her first dream, and to whom specially missioned angels first opened the golden gates of her heart.
  • piety Are there more piety and more morality in Protestant than in Catholic countries?
  • piled At the opening the snow was piled high, driven in by the storm.
  • piper About a year ago the writer of this notice paid her a visit, and took her, as a 'brother-piper,' a present of tobacco, which ingredient of bliss was always acceptable from her visitors.
  • pit She called me back; I pretended not to hear her, and took a ticket for the pit .
  • plod How is her favorite, Old Plod ?
  • pod Brander gave Tichel right of way, since the old man was his superior officer; and they came upon the pod with a matter of seconds to choose between them.
  • pond On, on, up the hill, and then down on the other side, stopping finally at the great tree under the hill, just across the pond .
  • poor You must be dead-you poor man!"
  • port The first act was the Boston Port Bill.
  • porto Come while I am alive and capable of labour; 'Dum superest Lachesi quod torqueat, et pedibus me Porto meis, nullo dextram subeunte bacillo.
  • prior The Prior also read the following note.
  • prod
  • tier
  • weird
  • Peered
  • Pend
  • Pieced
  • Piked
  • Pined
  • Piped
  • Plied
  • PTO
  • Pored
  • Pried
  • Prier
  • Spied
  • Piers
  • IPOD
  • PMED
  • Perot
  • piker
  • accroached

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