What is the correct spelling for PIESCE?

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Correct spellings for PIESCE

  • apiece It was just here that we came one day to a man sitting by the roadside with a half-bushel measure full of horse nails to sell at the modest price of a "bit" or twelve and one-half cents apiece .
  • pace Her nerves seemed to trouble her, for she began to pace to and fro in front of the passageway where he sat comfortably on his chair, arms folded, one knee dropped over the other. Milan with it's glamour and it's pace? London with it's river and it's bridges? Lisbon with it's beauty and it's grace? – Pretenders To The Throne by Beautiful South
  • peace How could he be at peace ? For one cried out on the Name of God, and one to have him cease, And the questing volley found them both and bade them hold their peace; – The Rhyme Of The Three Sealers by Rudyard Kipling
  • peso The labour of young plant-setting in Albay Province in Spanish times was calculated at 3 peso s per 1,000 plants; the cost of shoots 2 feet high, for planting out, was from 50 cents to one peso per 100. However, as proprietors were frequently cheated by natives who, having agreed to plant out the land, did not dig holes sufficiently deep, or set plants without roots, it became customary in Luzon to pay 10 peso s per 100 live plants, to be counted at the time of full growth, or say in three years, in lieu of paying for shoots and labour at the prices stated above.
  • piece I'd like five minutes alone with her; I'd give 'er a piece o' my mind that 'ud do her good.
  • pierce But at last Mr. Pierce believed his moment had come.
  • pierced Then a doubt, stronger than all the doubts which hitherto had assailed the soul of Rabbit, pierced him.
  • pisa As pointed out by Father Heinzle, S.J., in his article on Galileo in the "Catholic World" for 1887, "science was so far from determining the question of the truth or falsity of either the Ptolemaic or the Copernican system that shortly before 1633, the year of Galileo's condemnation, a number of savants, such as Fromond in Louvain, Morin in Paris, Berigard in Pisa , Bartolinus in Copenhagen, and Scheiner in Rome, wrote against Copernicanism."
  • pisces
  • piste
  • poise
  • pose
  • puce
  • Pence Purse, pence, ease, increase of worldly goods, personal importance-the pound, the English pound!
  • Pieced
  • Piers
  • Pius
  • pieces
  • pierces
  • PIS
  • PEES With reste and pees, A man schal best encrees.
  • PI'S
  • PIES

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