What is the correct spelling for PILLATR?

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Correct spellings for PILLATR

  • palate Upon inquiry of his daughter as to what dishes would make the best appeal to the royal palate , the Princess was fain to declare that if the victor of Rodova might be said to have a weakness for anything in particular it was for tomatoes.
  • pallet He made his way to the pallet , covered himself with an army greatcoat.
  • palliate Cloak, from the French, and palliate , from the Latin, are the same in original signification, but have diverged in meaning; a cloak may be used to hide completely the person or some object carried about the person, or it may but partly veil the figure, making the outlines less distinct; cloak is used in the former, palliate , in the latter sense; to cloak a sin is to attempt to hide it from discovery; to palliate it is to attempt to hide some part of its blameworthiness. "When we palliate our own or others' faults we do not seek to cloke them altogether, but only to extenuate the guilt of them in part." Trench Study of Words lect. vi, p. 266. Either to palliate or to extenuate is to admit the fault; but to extenuate is rather to apologize for the offender, while to palliate is to disguise the fault; hence, we speak of extenuating but not of palliating circumstances, since circumstances can not change the inherent wrong of an act, tho they may lessen the blameworthiness of him who does it; palliating a bad thing by giving it a mild name does not make it less evil. In reference to diseases, to palliate is really to diminish their violence, or partly to relieve the sufferer. Compare ALLEVIATE; HIDE.
  • paltry A sum that startled many of our economical republicans of that day, but which, compared to the advantages of the purchase and the revenue since derived, was a most paltry sum.
  • pellagra Signs of scurvy and pellagra were increasing.
  • pellet He rolled the tissue into a pellet again and held it before her eyes.
  • pillar Nasmyth leaned against a wooden pillar , and Waynefleet sat still, waiting for him to speak.
  • pillared As the clocks chimed a quarter-past one she stood at the pillared portico.
  • pillory What a pity for her if the accused had been condemned to the pillory .
  • pilot In other words, it is just as though you took the compass out of its place in the pilot house, or wherever it is regularly situated, put it down where the pelorus is, and took a bearing from it of any object desired.
  • plait One sought out one's little wife and rested one's brain; one took one's son on one's knee; one pulled, perhaps, the plait of one's daughter.
  • plat The ground was so rich that as high as $180 in gold was taken from one pan of dirt; and from a plat of ground four feet by ten feet, between drift timbers, $1,100 worth of gold was extracted in twenty-four hours.
  • plate I'll send you out a plate of something and a glass of wine.
  • plato Plato teaches the true value of punishment in the "Gorgias."
  • platter Kramer poured a cup of coffee and after a thoughtful hesitation quietly took a slice of toast from Dirrul's platter .
  • platy
  • pleat Mrs. Perrigo took a corner of her shawl between her fingers and proceeded to fold and pleat it while she thoughtfully fixed her eyes on Blindway's unmoved countenance, as if to find inspiration there.
  • pollard
  • pollute
  • polluter
  • poultry
  • pullet
  • Pilled I have pilled away for the loss of thee and thy love!
  • pilots
  • pleats
  • pallets
  • Pilate
  • Pilates
  • pellets
  • pullets
  • academisms

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