What is the correct spelling for PIN5385134990120?

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Correct spellings for PIN5385134990120

  • bin Brig Island's bin here a sight longer than you er I, and it's goin' ter stay hyar arter we're gone, too.
  • din Each remark called forth fresh shouts of laughter; and when a number of dogs rushed in in the middle of supper, the din almost rose to an uproar.
  • fin Etiquette was now at an end, and we all ran forward to assist the wounded man; for some minutes he lay apparently quite senseless, and when he at last rallied and looked wildly about him, it appeared to be with difficulty that he recalled any recollection of the place, and the people around him; for a few seconds he fixed his eyes steadily upon the doctor, and with a lip pale and bloodless, and a voice quivering from weakness, said, "Fin!
  • gin He has a large interest in the community cotton gin , although cotton has almost disappeared from his land.
  • in 1530. Did you ask for more in money?
  • kin I kin look afther her mesilf.
  • lin It is Lin Fa!
  • min Let the little folks go to bed, now they've had their story, and please go on, auntie," cried Min , when all had listened with more interest than they would confess to the children's tale.
  • pain Oh, she is very proud; she will make sure; the pain in her heart, she will hide it and hide it-until some time goes, and she can hold up her head, with a brave face.
  • paine Then I commenced running towards them, through ever so manie greene Paths, in the Wood; but still, we coulde never meet; and I began to see grinning Faces, neither of Man nor Beaste, peeping at me through the Trees; and one and another of them called me by Name; and in greate Feare and Paine I awoke!
  • pan It's like tryin' to hold a dust-pan an' sweep the dirt in at the same time.
  • pane Something round was pressed upon a corner of the lower pane .
  • pawn She was a pawn in the political game, and she was still too young to assert herself.
  • peen Th' simple home-lovin' maiden that our fathers knew has disappeared an' in her place we find a Columbya, gintlemen, with machurer charms, a knowledge iv Euro-peen customs an' not averse to a cigareet.
  • pen Over the top of it he glanced at Hardy, who, leaning back in his chair, bit his pen and stared hard at a paper before him.
  • penn Did Mrs. Penn take the boy away with her?
  • peon Suffice it that a few minutes later Parks, Brace, and Saunders left the Emporium, and passed the night in the latter's cabin, leaving the Emporium in possession of Miss Mendez and her peon servant; that at the earliest dawn the two women and their baggage were transferred to the old adobe house, where, however, a Mexican workman had already arrived, and with a basketful of red tiles was making it habitable.
  • pi He wrote again in the sand: "pi 3.14159265...."
  • piano One May evening, at the Galleons' house, when some one was playing the piano and all the world seemed to be sitting in corners Clare's hand lay suddenly against his.
  • pic He informed me that Madame Binetti's husband had gone off with his wife's maid, taking with him her diamonds, jewels, linen, and even her silver plate, leaving her to the tender mercies of the dancer, Pic .
  • pie Half a Dutch apple pie left over from dinner.
  • pig In vain did they wait, in the hope of recovering the pig .
  • pin It is true to-day that if you study your city and stick a pin in the map, street for street, where infection is known to exist, you will find the number steadily increase as you go from uncongested to congested streets and houses, from districts of high rent to districts of low rent.
  • pine Perhaps it is because now thou wilt not pine for her and to be gone from amongst us.
  • ping The silence was broken only by the "ping" of the rawhide strands which Nick tested as he drew tight.
  • pink "Thank you," murmured Elizabeth, pink with indignation, "we are getting on very well."
  • pinny She would go away and be discovered somewhere standing with her pinny thrown over her head, in a corner, or against a wall, or even behind a chair.
  • pint One pound, or pint , of formalin will furnish vapor enough to disinfect a room eight feet square and eight feet high, so the amount for a given room can thus be calculated.
  • pip As Pip so truly said: "It may be only small injustice that the child can be exposed to; but the child is small, and its world is small, and its rocking horse stands as many hands high, according to scale, as a big-boned Irish hunter."
  • pit I had seen one man after another, beautiful and kindly and gracious men, dragged down into a pit of torment and shame.
  • pone Insere nunc, Meliboee, pyros; pone ordine vites!
  • pony They have a pony carriage and groom of their own.
  • pun We feel assured that the world will admit that they take them fast enough"-itself a pun , by the way, which Pun ch had himself used in the postscript to his first volume: "Ours hasn't been a bed of roses-we've had our rivals and our troubles.
  • puny One youth is stout, healthy and energetic; another puny and weak; one bright and intelligent; another dull and slow.
  • sin "On my head be the sin , if sin there be.
  • spin When Bundlekin grew up, she always called this curious creature, that could make silk, Spin Head.
  • tin One evening, as Mr Ranald was returning from a ride on horseback, and had taken a short cut across the park, he found his sister and Martin Goul walking together in the wood.
  • win I'll win for you-anything.
  • Piney At first there was quite a company; but as they went their several ways to their home, at last Little Darby and his mother were left alone in the piney path, and made the last part of their way alone.
  • Yin When the list and order of the competition was proclaimed, the name of Wang-san stood at the very head and that of Yin Ho was next.
  • pins He sits at the head of the table and the best man opposite, and on this occasion he may give scarf-pins, link cuff-buttons-or neckties and gloves, if he wishes-to the best man and ushers.
  • PIS Il est bel homme, dit-on, et c'est presque tant pis.
  • PENA The idea of Dr Saenz Pena was to conduct the government on common sense and non-partisan lines, in fact to translate into practical politics the principles which underlay the compromise of the Acuerdo.
  • PI'S

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